I'm a victim of rape. When it happened I didn't know what to do. I was confused and crawled into a really dark place. I started smoking a lot to the point that I got asthmatic. A month later I realized I was pregnant. I told nobody because I felt it was too personal, shameful and all. I didn't want to carry a rapist's baby so I terminated the pregnancy. I can't sleep since then. I close my eyes and all I feel is my clothes being torn apart by the men. Its gotten to a point where I'm starving myself. The last time I ate anything was seven days ago. I also exhibit bipolar characteristics. This doesn't help either coz most often than ever I find myself slitting my wrists or punching through walls. I can't keep this up. I would rather kill myself than go through all of this alone. And honestly , suicide sounds less painful. At least I'll not feel like this ever again. 
  Published  31st Oct 2019 at 6:30 am

Hugs hugs. So sorry about your experience. Its sad what you went through and I understand how hard it can be to get over it. I feel the best way forward for you would be to see a therapist who can help you process what happened and help you deal with the pain. Am sure with their help you will be able to have a new perspective to life. Life gives second chances and what happened wasn't your fault so you should not consider suicide. Open up fully and cry it out if you have to coz you need to let it all go. More hugs...

  Published  31st Oct 2019 at 11:27 am
AdrianChiromo Lane Medical Centre - Psychologist
Hello, thank you for reaching out.
You have gone through a traumatic experience that has caused you significant distress in your day to day functioning. i can only imagine how you are feeling after all that has happened. I recommend that you talk to a counselor to help you deal with this. you may reach out to Chiromo Lane Medical Centre through 0729359501/0786265143 to schedule a one on one session. You can also reach out to a close friend or a trusted family member to be with you during this period.
  Published  31st Oct 2019 at 2:17 pm