what's the point of small talk really. if I cant control the outcome of anything at all, why bother talking about it. what's the point of making friendships n they are not gonna last. what's the point of talking to people and at some point they are gonna piss me off n then am back to that state of mind where I lock myself in my room for days , away from people n everything happening outside. see, I've had friends n its always going smooth until I snap n shut them out for good. I really want to have at least one good thing going in my life but inside my head i swear am not in control.

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Think of small talk as not for you, but for the comfort of your friends/acquaintances. Some people engage in small talk with you to make themselves feel at ease. They are just as nervous or straining to sustain the conversation as you are. Don't take small talk too seriously.

You getting pissed off is you allowing the spirit of anger (if you're religious) or rage/angry thoughts to take control of you. You should be able to control your thoughts better towards positive outlooks and outcomes to improve your life. Find something you do well and enjoying doing , then surround yourself with people who enjoy the same thing(s) or have similar interests. Then your conversations will not center on small talk. Even if the friendship(s) do not last, at least you had fun at that particular moment and you will have some positive memories that may last a lifetime.

Hey wanna be friends? I don't have any and I'm bad at socializing. I so get you

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