I feel lost in my own skin...

I walk around not knowing why am here I have no real friends I have no one to really talk to...

Any one I deem worthy to share this burden with I feel as if they are judging me so I keep to myself I go to work commit to my work station and once my shift is over I go home...

I find some kind of solace in watching TV but there are days its hard and I just feel I shouldn't even be alive I feel useless and unwanted 

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Chiromo Lane Medical Center Psychologist

Hi, it sounds like you are going through a difficult time, coupled with a feeling of being alone, due to the inability to finda place to discuss what you are going through.However i am glad that you have taken this step, in asking for assisstance which is a great .

It seems to me that what you are discribing seems to be deep rooted and I wonder if you would consider taking  another couragous step to talking to a professional face to face,who would be able to listen to your story with no jugdement also help you further in unearthing what would be causing the situation you are experincing and further give you the support you need.If you would consider this option we at chiromo lane medical center would be able to give you that support.Please reach out on 0700779704


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Thank you for the courage to share what you are going through. I can only imagine how heavy this may feel. 

Sometimes people are likely to judge us because they lack the knowledge to understand what we are going through, while this may hold you back, its important to understand that a problem shared is a problem half solved, even if the person does not really understand you.

Behaviour activation : Engaging in activities that put youout there but you enjoy can hlep you begin feeling good, elevating your mood.

From what you are expressing i feel like you could be going through depressive feelings.

A long term solution would be to engage a proffesional, to help you with drawing out why you are feeling like you dont know why you are here ( purpose ), why you feel you have no real friends ( interpersonal relationships ) and just help you begin the journey of being a better version of yourself and gain selfawareness.

Regards G.

I am sorry you are experiencing that conflict. It must be difficult especially because we all want to connect genuinely. Where we are seen with all our good parts and weaknesses and still get accepted. That's you being human for wanting that. I can bet you it's something all of us seek and therefore doesn't make you different for wanting but authentically human. My suggestion is to open yourself up to connecting genuinely. Not because it doesn't have it's down side as disappointments and hurt if the friendship ends. But because it also comes with the good side of not feeling alone and growth. All relationships have their moments of growth. Life is both sides of the coin. You cannot pick one over the other. I hope this gives some clarity in to what you have been experiencing.