hello,i recently lost my job and i had a boyfriend but we were okey before i lost my job now hes different i hav caught him cheating a few times and i forgave him but now am back to work and hes even different i caught him with his baby mama and he ignored me like i didnt exist it really hurts becuase he has put me through alot of pain and stress several months now i cant sleep i take piriton to get sleep but they also dont work...i really want to get him out of my system completely because hes playing a big role in adding me stress and pain.he says he loves me but this is not love...i love him too genuinely but i guess i was hanged up on the fact that a woman should endure all in a relationship now i need help how to get rid of him completely

  Published  7th Sep 2019 at 9:24 pm
AdrianChiromo Lane Medical Centre - Psychologist
Hi anonymous,
I have just have some few questions for you know your worth? Do you love yourself? Do you value your time?How he treats you  would classify that as love?
Let's look at a man who has just bought a new car,he will take care of the car ,polish the car want to drive the car make sure the car is in good order  why? Because he loves the car.
So those are just but a few questions you can reflect on and make a choice of whether being in that relationship is good for you or not.

  Published  12th Sep 2019 at 12:17 pm

I think you shouldn't get rid of him completely, I think you should just leave focus on you,I know you love him but are you willing to destroy you while busy hoping, he's taking you for granted, and in turn your stressed always worrying ,afraid the relationship isn't going to last and postponing the inevitable doesn't help at all,sometimes just walk away and pick up the pieces not alone but a friend or family who understand ,embrace everything in life and don't have the feeling of hate. Move on ,after all you may find someone who sees your inner you ,loves you regardless of your income

  Published  19th Oct 2019 at 7:41 am