Am am hating myself and Everything I love.Alot of suicidal thoughts

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Do you think it possible to focus on that which you love?

What's this you love?

Hello friend. Bear in mind that what you cook in thought, manifests in reality / physical form. TRY to FORCE yourself to think positively, and also lower your expectations for anything in this world. LEARN to treat yourself nicely and come to a realization that its ONLY YOU who you can rely on for your happiness. Alot of people are stressing for thinking the world owes them anything and when this doesn't happen, they end up in suicidal. I would like to show empathy here but always realize that people or the world are all about their businesses. If you happen to commit suicide, you will leave your loving family in total devastation and grief which after some time they will get over it - it nature. I dont mean to be blunt, just trying to show you reality. Always stay strong. Stay Positive. Take good care of your mental health by avoiding negative self talk, talking yourself down and all negative stuff. Learn to survive coz its the survival of the fittest man. I am talking from experience. I was once in your situation and i know how it feels. Cheers! ^AD

Ihave been doing masturbation all the time plz help me and it like I have kind of depression