hi am moha am depressed and tressed by drugs i want to stop em buh still i cant cuz am addicted

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hey Moha,

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that not many people acknowledge. I'd like to applaud you for seeing the need for help.

Please reach out on 0701395412 to speak to a psychologist and check out our website to see the services we offoffer.

er. WwWww.

Acceptance is the first step towards recovery. I am glad you acknowledge that there is a problem. Addiction is a relapsing disease,  and therefore i would just encourage you to keep choosing soberiety, even after the relapse, despite the guilt and shame that come attached to it, try again. Seek proffessional help, use your support system (Friends, Family, Collegues), find a spiritual (not necessarily religious) path and finally, Take it a day at a time.

All the best. 

chiromo lane medical centre -Psychologist

Hi Moha , first of all it takes great strength to accept you have a problem and courage to identify you need help. For you to get the help that you need a psychologist needs to asses you, identify the cause of your depression i.e is it what is causing you to abuse the drugs .I suggetsed you vist our facility at chiromo lane medical centre and we can help with this process.You can reach us on 0701395412.