I HATE GOD, I HATE THE DEVIL ,   This world makes no sense,,,,, ITS DUMB just like adam,, I hope Jesus comes soon,,,,  i think it would be really suprising to see a dead man come back to life,,,, i hope he come's back with mac miller ,,,, R.I.P MAC ,,,, his music is heaven to me when am feeling low,,,, i hate my mum sometimes lowkey  don.t cause you know she's fam,,,,,  Man this site's better than facebook,,, zuckerberg is really rich,,, he doesn't look like a human being though but his white they look funny ,,, some of em ,,,  anyway his Rich so rich don't know what you live for when your that rich and have no being massive family to give money to,,his squad must have already discovered some next level tech that they keep locked up...   GOODevening/night,,,,,,....

                                                                                             I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC,,,  

  Published  23rd Sep 2018 at 6:34 pm

 i understood this a lot..

  Published  30th Mar 2019 at 1:00 pm