I keep letting this toxic person back in my life. Or maybe I am the toxic one, I am not sure. We just can't seem to get along and we just can't stay away from each other. I want to be able to walk away. I want to reclaim my happiness. I honestly can't think of the last time I was genuinely happy. Makes me feel like everyone else in his circle is better than me, but can't put half as much effort as he does with them. I'm just tired. 

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Hey there. I have a close friend who shares the same struggle. I've consistently urged her to steer clear, create some distance, block etc.. but doesn't work. And this is despite the fact that she's now dating someone else, though it's long distance.The guy loves her madly but she still finds herself seeking this 'x' who was, for the better part of 3 yrs, toxic, manipulative, lazy and physically abusive. My friend went through some trauma when young, which has consequently really affected her self esteem. She has image issues, but in fairness who doesn't? I hope you went through non of the above, and yours could therefore be the 'standard' break up to make up scenario. Which you may outgrow with time and distance. All the best sunshine!!

Real advice coming to you hard!!


You are not in love …in fact you don’t even love yourself no wonder you are with someone who does love you ….what you are suffering from is acute madness

Sister happiness is a choice!! You either choose it or not …end of the day you are the one to enjoy the consequences of doing either


Trust me the day you decide to choose happiness and love yourself first …you won’t accept anything short of what you are from any man

My dear leave.

Love yourself.

Guard your heart.

But you know what when that time reaches that you have to leave you will leave.Trust me! When it happens you will happy, its going to be a hard painful road but when you overcome it you will be proud of yourself..

Like i say life is too short if you don't choose yourself no one will.


You are the only person who can control this situation. It doesn't matter if you get advice from 100 people to leave, the thing is when you don't realize how this will affect you, your emotional and physical self and your self esteem you will never leave. Sit down and evaluate yourself, get out of your head. Stop thinking about the good things about the relationship and think about the bad. Concentrate on that. Talk to yourself, positively. Encourage yourself to actually leave and keep telling yourself that you will be okay no matter what. And finally when you are out of it, lose all contact with that person. 


Unless you want to leave... no one else will convince you to. So stop waiting for advice or a wake up call and finally do it.