I have two brothers; one, two weeks in since he got a restraining order from our local Chief. (I wonder why mum had to wait so long to out him). He's an Ungrateful B...*****, well and a thief. He has stolen from utensils, food, clothes, in need of cash he'll take anything around him just to get a cup or two of the 'illicit brew' which turns him veeeery Noisy. Thanks to the restraining order ,it's a little bit peaceful. Mornings in my house had been chaos for a long time because he'd come drunk n start arguments with mum, it was hell.

Onto the next, He is violent n Rude. He couldn't keep his wives from his trashy mouth n beatings. He is still fed by mum because he's just a lazy drunk arse n still he always talks back to mum. The guts kills me .

they both have three kids which all them kids have been born at home, like Mum had to take care of the wives when pregnant, child birth n raising them n the cycle continues. Everything is provided for by my parents, coz the sons won't work a day in their life, they even ask for money to go get drunk. Like they are brats and bastards. the only thing they are good at.

If i tell you these two boys have ruined my family in all the ways possible, they've been given a million chances at job opportunities but they always blow it up , showing up drunk crawling, or fist fights with other colleagues. They've been handed everything to them on a platter n yet they bitch about how they are hated. They are so ungrateful, Every time i wish they don't show up at the house or maybe just drink themselves to death or just commit a crime that will keep them in prison for ever but it doesn't happen.

Story of my life.

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You’re here today to tell this story because only you can deliver your family. Tell God about it, he listens and hears our prayers.