I may be wrong to speak about this issue but I think most people are having an issue with it more often than not... Its the story about once sexuality. We have been brought up in a society where we have been taught anything that is not the norm is either evil or agains all faith, But do people realize that we do not choose to be different in our sexuality. We do not wake up in the morning to choose to be this or that way but its an in thing born in us??

May people are silently resolving into alcohol and drugs just to get through their day in peace. And if you are lucky, the next challenge is to face yet another day. Being Gay,Bi,Transgender,Lesbian in this country is one of the worst thing anyone could ever imagine. It comes from people calling you very hurtful names once they find your sexual preference is in any of the categories. Constant hate n harastment but people who cause these constant harrasment know that today it may be me but tomorrow it may be your daughter or son, would you call them those hurtful names that you call random strangers that are not related to you??

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At least someone gets it