sometimes things die - and you are supposed to move on

but how can i move on when i still see it all in my head

I have an addiction to porn. Every time I find myself looking and searching content online. I have tried to quite severally and after some time I always find myself going back. How do I go about stopping it completely? I am happily married and it’s my dirty little secret that I work so hard to keep.

When you meet someone who makes you feel all the things you wanted.....had this connection unlike any other...I knew him and he knew me but I wasn't good enough for him

Its been two weeks since I walked away but everyday had been challenging

Why teach me a secret language you know I can't speak with anyone else

what's the point of small talk really. if I cant control the outcome of anything at all, why bother talking about it. what's the point of making friendships n they are not gonna last. what's the point of talking to people and at some point they are gonna piss me off n then am back to that state of mind where I lock myself in my room for days , away from people n everything happening outside. see, I've had friends n its always going smooth until I snap n shut them out for good. I really want to have at least one good thing going in my life but inside my head i swear am not in control.

Practicing meditation daily,workout atleast 3 times a week and run 5km atleast twice a week. Yoga atleast 4 times in a week..But I can't seem to shake off a toxic mother. Due to what I went through I have had insomnia from when I was a teen am in my mid 30's and have to take melatonin to sleep well. Am practicing everything in the play book but I seem not to be able to shake my toxic mother out of my mind. What could I be missing?

Does anyone ever feel like people hate them for absolutely no reason? They might treat people around you better but not you, say hi to everyone else in the room except you? It hurts so bad.

I'm considering breaking up a 4 year relationship, what should I do. There's lots of pressure to marry.

How do you deal with a spouse who doesn't communicate about the serious stuff in a marriage? You talk about your feelings and he ignores you..that time you've written a whole paragraph on WhatsApp since talking to him in person don't work. Generally you look like a happy couple but you feel neglected emotionally.