I think I have a problem. I have changed for the worse. I have become a person who now cares too much about trivial stuff and little things. I usually am a saviour of all which is draining me. I feel I have become a lesser person. Also, I once had a girl, we broke up, but then it was due to what I was going through and she couldn't understand, I was overwhelmed mentally, she didn't understand that. After a couple of years, we started talking and I feel, she has disturbed the peace I had before when were apart. I'm confused on what to do. At times I feel life has so meaning. I don't know why I haven't gotten over her and it is taking a huge toll on me. And it is affecting my everyday life and day to day activities. Please help on how I can be who I was back then. I used to be a man, I'd say. I'm not one at the moment and it is affecting me negatively.

Am struggling with suicidal thoughts please help, Dj Lithium I understand what you were going through.

I see you.

I see what you're doing every day

Trying to get better

Trying to help others get better

You're a gem

You're a warrior

Sometimes feel you were born at the wrong point in time

Perhaps in the wrong universe?

But hear me, pretty one

You are exactly where you need to be

There is no wrongness

There is rightness

Only truth

You are the truth

You're life


I don't have friends. I don't get along with any of my colleagues. I don't get along with family members. I want to get away from this place. I want to go live very far from this place. I hate everyone here.

I recently tried suicide . I survived and I'm lucky to be here still. However, the shame and guilt of doing it is weighing down on me. My partner saw the whole thing and I can tell it changed how they see me. I feel like things will never be the same again , should I break up with my partner? Won't it be easier for them . Having bipolar means it could happen again .

It hurts being ghosted ,,, I can't believe his gone... I texted myself for long and its like am dead to him. I don't know what I did or said wrong, maybe I was too easy but I honestly liked him. I promised not to text ever again but he won't answer. I'm tempted to text ... its hard to move on.

I understand why I’m lonely

😔 I hope it changes soon—

Sometimes it feels to me like my world is ending I just see darkness my dad left me when what 3months old and I have never saw him now am 25 it's been crazy ride with only my mum I dropped out of high school at form 2.why did he left me??I feel so much anger in my chest I pray that God see me through and all those who are in kind off my situation may God see you through

I wonder how many other people think of suicide. This is the first time talking about it and thought I am strong today. I feel I will one day act on it. My wife hates me, I have the fear of disappointing people family and friends a like and I am not happy. I just have a face

Praying to the ALMIGHTY to give me STRENGTH to walk away from things and people who no longer serve my purpose,who no longer bring me fulfilment, who constantly hurt me intentionally and non-intentionally. I'm really having a hard time letting go,finding my self worth and self love coz I constantly put myself in situations I'm familiar with and get hurt over and over again.MY HEART IS HEAVYYY