uuuuughhhh .... I'm tired , I just need some rest.

I'm in a point of my life where I feel stuck. But I can't cry.... I feel unmotivated and since I finished college I've not been able to hold a job for more than two months. I fill unskilled and have no money. And I can't sit down to start relearning stuff. I'm in a point of my life I just don't know what to do with my life. I'm at a point of my life where I really want a husband and kids. But I feel I'm so messed up and it would be unfair for the person marrying me

Is it bad to pay for sex?

Where can one be taught on how to fit in.having grown up in a resource limited setting I find it hand associating with those who have grown in privilege.I most of the time can’t relate with their discussions hence the feeling of being left out. I work where almost all my colleagues grew in privileged backgrounds.many atimes I feel like quiting as I have been unable to properly integrate

am now 37. never been in a relationship that goes past 3 months, at first they pretend it's all right. some after seeing me physically, that's the last day chatting or seeing each other.

am pretty,wise,independent (good salary) and basically a good person. issue is my height. to me, that's nothing, but to others, am a spectacle and an emblem of shame----how they view being with me. still a virgin ( I try to remain chaste till am married). just being 4.4" is the real issue.

they leave me but some try coming back but nah! some men are also gold diggers.

some wanna just use me as a sex object- not me!

nway, such is my life.

i stopped hoping to find anyone to marry me. no need to hope for nothing. i push maself literally on a daily basis. cry when alone but show a brave face daily.

if men were bought, i would rather live on debt but get one. nway, only in dreams. must push on.

tonight i moved out from my place where i stayed with my girlfriend soon to be ex

before i just left i found out that shes been tolerating someone else. she doent know i know

she says her aunt is coming over so i had to help her maintain the idea she lives alone to her family

Right now

I'm so curious....what goes on in other people's heads

If I could read minds...what would I know or unlock

Why this sick need to understand other people?

The mind is a wild place, I've come to realize a lot of my issues have come as a result of not being in control of my mind.

In university and have zero friends. It's tough mentally as you always ask yourself if you are the problem. Wish I could have even if it's one