I'm gay and I hate it. I've never tried gay shit but I'm just not into women. This has caused me so much pain. And the sad thing is I can't talk to anybody about this coz I'll end up being judged. It's so depressing man! I never wanted to be like this!!!

I suffer from social anxiety big time. I find it hard to hold meaningful convos with workmates, and neighbors, and now this is affecting my relationship with family too. WT is happening

I have a huge problem with spending when under the influence of alcohol. I can't seem to help it. A month's worth of work can be blown away in one sitting. It's like I have two personalities

Life is so hard, the only thing keeping me alive is that tomorrow will be better, been here for more than a decade

And I don't seem to be getting good at it

This will be my whole life, a personal helll on earth

Then Die and go to hell because I'm gay

🤣🤣🤣 I'll spend an forver in hell

Never knew that this an option

I've tried praying the gay away with fasting and pastors and everything in between

Life is not promised, living for me feels like hell

Been different my whole life, a kid growing up it meant bullying.

I'll just take out a fat insurance policy and hope a quick death

And yes I have a therapist and have tried all the things in book as prescribed

got a problem of overthinking and overanalysing most situations, at first i thought it was cool but now it bothering me. i end up getting exhausted and distracted from things that do matter, from family to financial problems.

got a problem of overthinking and overanalysing most situations, at first i thought it was cool but now is bothering me. i end up getting exhausted and distracted from things that do matter.

I need help professionally. I feel like writing my story down would take a novel. I am sinking deep into overthinking, anxiety, self-destruction, and pity. I feel all alone. I just need a physical person to just talk to and let it all out that is in my chest. Please help! I just don't know how to go about it. Also, IDK if I could share my details or if anyone willing to help can leave their contact information or how to reach them.

I often wonder how it must feel to have a good career, good social life , even maybe a loving partner

how did I get here, living life so much alone , you know sometimes you just want talk about something so stupid or as interesting and there’s no one to tell

I used to be okay with my loneliness, I was my own best friend for years if was fine

but know I’m chasing ghosts with the hopes one will haunt me forever

I've been living with my gf for a year now, she's been the one providing most of the time since her job is somehow stable and she's perfectly good at it. Myself, getting a job has been so hectic, I tried business but I had to shut it down since I secured a job at some point, but it only lasted 2 months 😔.

Of late we've been having frequent misunderstandings with my gf, I'm a person who speaks up when I see an issue; my gf chats a lot, when she comes back home from work, she'd be on her phone chatting almost the whole time, literally when doing everything, cooking, eating up to the time she goes to bed, she'll be on her phone till the very last minute. I decided to talk to her about it, telling her to at least reduce but she clapped back at me claiming I'm simply looking for mistakes in her. We sorted the issue out but another issue would erupt, cause mainly being, her phone usage like talking with a friend till late in the night, not considering I'm around and probably need to catch a sleep.

I know and accept that I am easily irritable and sensitive, especially with the whole stress of having to depend on her, but to some extent, I feel like she doesn't respect/consider me the way she used to before. She doesn't want to take accountability on any issue I raise that I feel I'm not comfortable with in our relationship, and most of the time turns it back at me, labelling me as this Always Complaining and Controlling BF.

I feel like putting to a stop this cohabiting thing and simply pack my stuff and go back home since I don't have any form of income, but I know once I bring this up to her, she'll get emotional and start crying. Please help me out here, I am slowly loosing it.

Thank you.

I've been applying for jobs and been getting rejection replies every time. It's not that I don't meet the qualification but it's coz they say I'm overqualified.

I love what I do. In fact it's one of the only things that keeps me going. However, it doesn't pay as well as it should. I'm being forced to take up low paying jobs to make ends meet and it's so frustrating.

I don't know what to do? Pls help