Am 17 years old about to turn 18 towards the end of this year and I have been suffering from gynecomastia since I was 16i thought it would be temporary but it persists it makes me lose my confidence because I don't want people to know given its seen as an abnormality it affects my pride too am not proud of my body since I have to wear something that will hide them ..I really don't know how I can find help please if you know where I can find help and get rid of them I'll be happy it has really restricted me

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Am nineteen years old my friends gave me a dare to have raw sex with my boyfriend for 7 minutes I didn't take any contraceptive and am really scared to get pregnant what should I do and am going back to school

am having a mental breakdown now. Since Covid started I have been so sick. I have access to good healthcare but doctors don’t know how to treat me anymore. I have physical and emotional pain. I have constant fears. My health is not improving. I have constant back pain, hand pain , chest pains and recently I have stomach issues. I broke my knee while Exercising recently and it is in so much pain despite going for physiotherapy. I have seen some of the best doctors in Kenya but they just don’t know what’s happening to my body as they say all my vitals are ok. I have contemplated suicide. In all this, my fiancé who’s in Germany has tolerated and stuck by me. I want to get married and have kids but my health keeps failing me. I also want to grow my career but my body can’t allow me to push hard. This is not a life I envisioned for myself even last year. I am grateful that I can afford food healthcare and I have a good life but my health has tormented me .

I was due to get married in April this year but my engagement has ended and I am looking for anyone with recommendations on where to buy suicide pills. The ones I can take then die peacefully in my sleep without feeling too much pain. Are they bought in chemists or hospitals? I have no one who can share this information with me and the pain I feel is killing me inside every day.

My fiance went back to America in May 2019 and I have been waiting for him to come back home this year because he had already proposed, given me a ring and moved me to a new house. He was supposed to come home in April but he had to postpone till June because of his work. Then in June corona happened and he couldnt come. He planned to come in Sep when the flights re-opened but that didnt happen so he said he'll come in December. In between this we have been having alot of fights and he consistently refused to talk and resolve the unresolved issues we had. He went quiet on me for one week and when he came back, he called off the engagement, told me he will not come home until end of May 2021 and now I have to move out of the house he was paying for and go back to my mom's. I texted him, apologised and asked for him to allow for us to talk and deal with our unresolved issues but he did not forgive me. This broke me down so much and its hard for me to face the day. The entire family knew we were going to get married and this is so humiliating for me because I am a 32 year old single lady who has to go back to her mom's house at this age. I have wanted to get married since I was 22 but things have just never worked out for me. So now I conclude I am the problem but unfortunately there is nothing I can do to get my fiance back. Marriage has always been very important for me, I have always wanted to be a wife and mother but the chance to get married has always eluded me and my relationships have always failed. Now its too late for me to get another chance or even get another man who would want to marry me. I just want to buy those pills and die peacefully in my sleep. I dont want to be a burden to anyone, I just want to take care of it since I have failed and there is nothing more left.

Okay am In love with this beautiful and cute SWAHILI girl we love each and gave met a couple of times with her but she lives far from where I stay so it's online dating stuff.She is really pretty but she feels bad talking about sex with me.its her first serious relationship and for me it's the first too so we don't like know much about dating.After talking about it I mean after sexts she says she feels bad about it and it hurts me . She also says she doesn't want sex now until she is ready she is a virgin ofcourse.And I really want to and I never pressure her.She says though that she wants to get over it and she needs my help to start seeing things differently I don't know what to do for her

I married a woman with good morals. The saying usioe sura oa tabia. She’s beautiful figure 8. But her sex appetite is low. The issue is I drool over bbws. I thought ad slowly get yo love her. Is there something wrong with me? What would u advice?

I am having a mental breakdown now. Since Covid started I have been so sick. I have access to good healthcare but doctors don’t know how to treat me anymore. I have physical and emotional pain. I have constant fears. My health is not improving

i shared a personal thing about my relationship with my girlfriend with a good friend, someone i've known for a long time. i found out that he told other people about my relationship.

i am in love with woman who is almost the same age as my mother and i love her so much and i dont know how people will take me if i introduce her home to my parents