Im just here to open up all i'm bottling because i feel like i'm having unsaid issues with my support system. Im trying my best not to self sabotage my relationships but its starting to be clear that you only have yourself in this world. Im currently not speaking to my closest confidants hence there is a lot i'm keeping inside. There's a guy i'm talking to and in as much as he listens, i don't want to get too attached cause i have a bad streak of losing guys when i'm most vulnerable with them. Anyway i don't know what i'm writing but i hope i feel relaxed afterwards. Im choosing to cast all my fears and anxiety to God for He is faithful. Anyway wishing all of you a happy June. In the end of the day, the world is a wonderful place.

Bonga Team

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Hi, I wanted to ask for help with what I believe has been bottled inside me..well I'm in my mid 20's and to be honest I have been trying so hard to just find fulfilment and achieve my goals but day by day I feel like it's not going to be anywhere near and I'm frustrated and asking myself what's wrong with me can anyone please try to explain or help what's with abnormal amount of failures constantly I just want that one small win not so much juu nimechoka and I'm giving up on everything I've tried to pursue my desires but wapi, I've tried to work but I'm getting more and more hopeless and it's scary..I see peers getting at least something worthwhile and I'm here stuck... I don't intend to be compared to anyone I agree kila mtu has their own path but what's up with mine

Will I go to hell if I kill myself... My life is already a hell?

Can I ask him why he ghosted me? It's hard to move on. I just want to know why things felt okay and suddenly turned up side down? This pain won't leave? I'm okay with him saying , you are cheap or to easy to get or I wasn't attracted to you or anything just anything instead of silence. It's killing me.

How does sharing in this platform help? Been here several times and nobody replies in real time. Wish it was an anonymous chat group it would really work.

I have a girlfriend, baby mama and now I have this new girl. Okay she's not so new in my life. I knew her before my baby mama (I have 2 girls)

So me and 'new girl' had a thing back in campus days but nothing serious ever came from it. Went our separate ways but time and again we check up on each other.

Recently we started chatting I was broke and she sent me some cash to go party in hopes I shall pay her back (still haven't. Economy is playing games) Shes's financially stable, has a daughter and is married.

So last weekend she calls me up she says she wants to go out coz its been over a year since she went out. I agreed to meet up with her at one point of the night as I was going out with my colleagues. She buzzed me around midnight and we linked at a club. She was with her niece.

We small small made out there and she was telling me how her marriage is not working. I suggested to her to keep pushing for the marriage and make it work but she said her hubby is too lazy he doesn't wanna work plus he has 2 other kids from a different woman and he kind of invests more time and energy with the other kids than the kid they have together.

She wants to be with me and I can't be with her coz I don't love her that way.

Now she's telling me she's separated from her husband and wants us to try out something.

I believe i was made for the streets because I can never get tired of this women. I'm seasonal faithful if there's a word like that. I don't want to keep leading her on because she also has weak mental strength in my opinion.

I think I have a problem. I have changed for the worse. I have become a person who now cares too much about trivial stuff and little things. I usually am a saviour of all which is draining me. I feel I have become a lesser person. Also, I once had a girl, we broke up, but then it was due to what I was going through and she couldn't understand, I was overwhelmed mentally, she didn't understand that. After a couple of years, we started talking and I feel, she has disturbed the peace I had before when were apart. I'm confused on what to do. At times I feel life has so meaning. I don't know why I haven't gotten over her and it is taking a huge toll on me. And it is affecting my everyday life and day to day activities. Please help on how I can be who I was back then. I used to be a man, I'd say. I'm not one at the moment and it is affecting me negatively.

Am struggling with suicidal thoughts please help, Dj Lithium I understand what you were going through.

I see you.

I see what you're doing every day

Trying to get better

Trying to help others get better

You're a gem

You're a warrior

Sometimes feel you were born at the wrong point in time

Perhaps in the wrong universe?

But hear me, pretty one

You are exactly where you need to be

There is no wrongness

There is rightness

Only truth

You are the truth

You're life