Suicide Note:

Dear family

I write this note with tears in my eyes, I didn't want it to come to this but I'm too much of a disappointment to you all to continue living.

Your lives will surely be better without me and I'm sorry I've been nothing but a disappointment to you all.

If I had another chance at life I would still want you to be my family. 

1Siyamama yako hii kanairo, lazima ujitume.

2Accept what you want kataa chenye hutaki.

3Kata maji, vuta, ngwai life ni life.

4Karma ni bitch mkule juu atakukula.

My fear for success and failure is 50/50.

I'm 24 years old , i am a 4th year student living with my parents and i have a girl friend, she loves me so much but when i see or talk to her i get angry or remember our past and i just start hatting her...she really cares about me and sometime i feel like i will be punished for breaking her heart , she is my only true person who can be there for me when im in need , i feel like running away from my home town and just go somewhere where i will find peace,. i feel like im am under pressure of life i feel like switching of my phone and just be really disturbed and stressed and i dont know why..when i see other people good and not stressed i feel bad. i cant really tell why im stressed or whas pressuring me but i just feel like screaming and running away.. please help

I feel like I want to leave this earth. The only thing keeping me here are the people I love.

Sometimes it feels like it's impossible for me to have good things in life. I can't imagine a life where I have a good job, happily married with a healthy family. It just seems impossible to me. I feel like I'm doomed to live a solitary mediocre life.

I'm 35, no love life, shame of the family and I've lost interest in everything even the alcohol doesn't taste or make me feel good like it used to. I'm tired of pretending that I'm OK. Its like the bojack horseman show... the harder you try to be better the worse you make it for everyone else. The sad part is that the family can't even see my pain or even acknowledge it they think its a phase I'm going through. I fear the more they know me the less they'll love me. Funny how life can give you a lot of blessings except the ability to love yourself. I'm scared that I'll never know who I am and that ill never love myself. Help


I really feel extreme loneliness and sadness. I wished I loved myself a bit more, had someone who loved me harder, wish I had thick skin, wish I was more happier with my life and not living with my past regrets and decisions I had to make not fighting hard for my dreams and desires. I wish the guy I truly love loved me back.I am slowly losing myself and falling into this endless dark tunnel feeling trapped and isolated. P.M.K