My parents separated way back when I was 9 and mum struggled to bring us up. We are 3. Dad was really abusive and it didn't help that his mom, my cucu really disliked us. We grew and forgot that family

I've been married for 10 years to a really good guy and have a daughter. 2018 and part 2019 were tough since we both lost our jobs. We've started a business and it has picked up.

My issues started when mum died earlier this year she had retired and was taking care of her parents farm upcountry. Immediately she was burried, my uncles and aunts wanted to get hold of her account and we told them off and voila their kids left a family whatsapp group since we were *disrespectful*. Our aunties were mad since dad came for mum's burial

Mum was very loving and I hate her for leaving us. I've cried and drank myself silly since I miss her andi don't know how long one is supposed to grieve. I am scared of going through mum's stuff and have given out her things to my siblings since I break down each time I go through them. None of those shitty relatives have called either of us to know how we are coping. I hate them so much and I've dreamt of hurting one who told me that I cannot out a slap on mum's grave and that women don't inherit their fathers property ( FUCKEN BITCH) .

What keeps me sane is the shop we run since I have to smile and be polite to the customers. My husband on our other hand really pisses me when he gives out cash to his relas but me(he knows it) I've learnt to steal. I don't know what to be mad at anymore

I feel like I'm stuck and I recently turned 20 but with it came an existential crisis because I'm not at that point in life i thought I'd be and I feel I have nothing to show for the 20 years I've stayed in this world I just wish I didn't exist though because all the expectation people around me have on me is killing me slowly cause deep down I don't think I can even meet half of it and yeah I didn't ask for this.

i have add or adhd symptoms wich hinder my relationships with both family and friends and even dating life wich keads me to bestuck in my head wich isnt healthy because all these negative thought rush in

I feel like my lack of confidence to socialize, meet new people and even give a brief speech will hinder my successes in the my career, my social life itself, relationships etc... I get so nervous every time I want to strike a conversation with the girls or the guy s seated right next to me in class, matatu etc. The effect of this is that I don't have that much friends, I am smart in school, I am good looking, but not so many people seem attracted to me and it makes me feel bad about myself. I'd love to be helped. Thank you.

I dont know where to begin i just need to talk to someone desparately

I just want to be happy... to love and be loved but what I get is far from what I desire. Just feels soo forsaken

I am so so stressed. I have a baby momma who's been firing at my girlfriend constantly on WhatsApp. This lady was a mistake I just slipped into once and we got a kid together. By 'mistake' I mean we were not in a relationship at all. But after talking and accepting to take responsibility of our child, she's been pushing really hard to be my main lady, a wife. But we not typical and I don't feel comfortable at all that she's still hanging around. I don't mean I wanna stop talking with her, because we have to since we share a child, but then her constantly shit talking my girlfriend whom I had before shit happened, puts my relationship with her in danger, because I feel ill wake up one day to a breakup text from my lover, I really love her and I don't want to lose her. It gives me sleepless nights thinking about it.

I feel like a broken vessel, a lost, lonely soul with no hope for redemption. Sometimes I try hope and sometimes like now I just let myself drown in despair. How do I keep hoping when everyday turns out just the same? I am tired of my life's routine.

How do you gather energy to move on from a break up? From a relationship that was taking shape and was going places? What do you do when the blue ticks start growing? When she ignores you and just moves on with her life like you meant nothing to her. How do you come to terms with it days after days of just wishing you could sit down with her and just enjoy the simple things in life. Like a joke, a hearty laugh, a good home cooked meal.....all that just gone like do you move on guys? How?

I have had depression for a while now possible three years but I have personally been able to handle but Am bad with relationships and I want a girlfriend who possibly I could marry am 30 male.

when I date it doesn't last I loose interest since I fear they may disappoint too