For me I'm really f***cked up. I really don't know where the next supper or rent will come from

Where can one get free online therapy?

I seem to have lost the will to do literally anything, I am always tired and feel as though they are no meaning to anything. I hate going out even to the store to get anything, I rarely interact with anyone, is this okay? why I'm I always unmotivated and sad all the time? alcohol is the only thing that seems to help me cope of late, I hate it here!

I feel that I'm changing

Parts of me are dying and I'm getting into a new phase of my life, maybe I've been here and never realised it

I feel alone yet I'm not

I feel lonely because I'll never know companionship like other people do

Some parts of me I hate, but I could never be another sleeper

The mortal world is grey, red, black, golden and blue but never white

Hi. Anyone here knows where I can get free psychotherapy services?

i have this fear of talking to people and now it has led me to stay by myself I feel lonely and scared and it is really affecting me I cant even walk straight

I feel like I empathize a lot about my partners in relationship. It comes off as clingy and unconfident. How do I start caring less?

Have been single for almost two years now, tried working on myself all this time and have nothing to show for it am still miserable and lonely