Can all the ladies with no friends be friends, I wanna do a lot in this life, I just need a few ladies to do life with my mid twenties

Men want sex all the time

So I need me some lady friend

im depressed all the time i dont know what to do i hate the course im doing but im forced to do it my life is just messed up i just want a break from school and life

I missed having a fatal accident by a whisker. I saw death with my own eyes. I don't know why it happened, only God knows why He saved me. I was drunk. I was from having an illicit affair.

If anything had happened to me, I wouldn't even been where I had told my wife I was. I was many kilometers away from my normal route.

I have been cheating on my wife foe 4 years now. It is my secret life. It is how I feel alive. It is how I reflect. It is probably who I am.

But many people see me differently. I live a double life.

Sometimes I wonder why I am like this. Who am I?

I want to get saved. What is salvation? What is my belief system? What are my values.

I am staring at unemployment. My salary just got cut by 90% and I don't know if I will get another job. I have a small baby. I have so many debts.

Is this how people feel suicidal, 😂

Where do I start? I feel like I'm going insane. I've been dating x for 6 years and we have a daughter. About 2 years ago we decided to move in together and it has been emotionally draining for me. Aside from financial issues since he is unemployed, he does not communicate at all. I have never felt as lonely as I feel with him now. He would rather use his phone on social media or listen to music the entire time we are together. Aside from that, he watches tv the whole night and that means we don't have any intimacy since we hardly sleep together as he sleeps in the morning.

Sometimes I feel the only thing holding us together is our daughter. I'm tired of pretending everything is okay when it is not. I feel so lonely and even though he helps with our daughter, I feel I need more in a man, love, committment,attention 🥺. I want to walk away but I don't knoe how.

I've been seeing this girl for a couple months now and so far things have been great, until we went camping the other day. Ever since we came back, the vibe kinda shifted. We are both busy at work during the day so evening is when we get to catch up. She's been weirdly unavailable. We send 2 or 3 texts and the conversation stays hanging till the next day.

I've always considered myself a stoic so such issues have never bothered me. I know if i ask her what she's doing she'll say she was cooking or napping. I'm not sure if my instinct is right or I'm just overthinking.

I bought sex and now I feel terrible.

I'm 23 last year of Campus and I don't remember the last time I felt happy. I'm always worried about something or regretting something I did. Can't seem to keep friends either.

Will I ever meet someone else like you, my heart has refused to move on. I really miss you. you always seemed happy around me, wish you could tell me why you stopped talking.Wish you could tell me on my face, I HATE YOU , YOU'RE UGLY, YOU'RE CHEAP, YOU DISGUST ME... maybe i'll move on... my heart can't stop until i move on.

Dealing with rejection everywhere, sometimes I feel like will be better when I move to a different location,but I experience the same rejection over and over. Feel like every has an opposite magnet and are able to attract but for me ... I can't seem to find my opposite magnet.

where do guys go to be taught on how to be dad died when I was 6 years and have had no role I have 3.9 year old boy and am just clueless.please help