Guys,please don't judge..Is it ok falling in love with someone's husband.It just happened but I cant tell him,he treats me so right, I know there's the wife and I respect that alot i don't cross the boundaries,i know he doesn't give me 100% of him but it's hard to just say he can never be mine.

Am 25 and I still find myself uncomfortable with women or leme say i fear girls and this drives me crazy. Even if they approach me i just cant start a conversation. I don't speak much am more of an introvert. How do I go about this and take away this darkness called fear in me??

Hello guys am 25 yrs and lost my job two years back. Life has not been easy after being forced to shift twice due to financial instability. Currently am staying with my mum n my siblings who are the ones working and providing for the family. I find myself very fearful that i cant even talk to my friends whenever we're together. Am afraid and always trembling in fear causing me to be alone n close myself up in some room. Am also afraid of meeting new people because i dont speak much and this has made be all alone. Am afraid of people starring directly into my eyes. Am afraid of women so much that if i were to talk to any i find myself trembling with no words. When i had my job back then i helped alot of my friend but currently they are doing better than me and some have talk ill of me. Well i have countless problems just cant write them all here. Am seeking for help how can i get out of this fear thing n resume my life normally.

I have been always stressed my something that happened in my fourth year in campus

I feel like am constantly drowning in my dad's idea of a perfect life .Am not even interested in the course am doing and he won't and can't hear me let alone understand .

I just miss my mum .I feel like if she were here she would have been able to balance things off between me and my father .

I'm in a 6 year relationship you guys. But of late, I feel like I'm in a trap. We ALWAYS argue. He keeps on telling me how I'm extravagant, living the Luo life, he keeps on saying venye akili yangu iko nyuma bado. Sasa he's trying to make me think like him. Anasema mara niko soft... Mara ananichapia reality. I feel like he weighs me down so much you guys. I'm not even happy. BTW we have a 3 year old. Idk whether we are forcing ourselves in this relationship. Inakaa like he's forcing me to be the chic he wants to be with, not to be with me. :(

For any of us going through a hard time ; speak through for greater things to come. Greater days and times are to come after all is done.

Listen to the song.

I feel tired, psychically and mentally but I feel I still have to keep on moving.I have been here before and it ended up in a really dark place .I know I need to take care of myself but it also feels like there isn't time for does someone strike a balance ?

My relationship with my step father is so awkward, we literally have no bond. I had to fake it for some time while my mother was deciding to re marry to him but it reached a point where i had to choose myself. I couldn't continue forcing anything. We have actually never shared a genuine laugh together and nowadays we can even go for 3 days without talking and we live in the same house. I don't know how to live with this anymore , i really envy those sons who have a great bond with their fathers, they should cherish that forever

Anyone interested in a serious relationship? Every girl i meet they seem not ready for a serious relationship and am not in for anything casual. I want to settle down with someone who's focused and has goals.