I always feel tired of life and have no idea why I find things tiring to do even the smallest task like cooking bathing I often break out into tears with no reason I don't enjoy many things I used to find enjoyable I stopped going to school because I just lacked motivation I fear going out because I'm afraid of meeting people and sometimes I'm afraid of what they think of me I usually get sudden attacks of guilt even when am not doing anything wrong i usually end up sleeping mostly all day to escape people and avoid interactions and sleep late at night so I can go through YouTube on certain days i feel energised and think tommorow I can do everything but as soon as tommorow reaches I get bored and all negative feelings come back to me and I feel deflated and end up staying in bed I cut off people from my life and ignore people for no apparent reasons but crave human contact I have low esteem it is like my life all it's purpose If you asked me I can not figure out why am like this can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?

My soul is exhausted, I’m tired of living, I keep tearing up even at work. I have no friends that I can freely open up to and share my predicaments with, my social life is non-existent. Life lost meaning eons ago and I’m in deep emotional and psychological pain, I seem not to be able to point to where the problem is. My girlfriend dumped me without notice and I’ve accused of infidelity. I wonder how I do that or where I get the strength to even perform the act of cheating. The labels I’ve been branded have scarred me. It’s really not worth living anymore, the one person that means the whole world to me, hasn’t said a thing to me for weeks. Feeling so helpless.

I’ve been feeling so lost and broken lately. My girlfriend left me about a month ago, I was going through a rough patch financially and I couldn’t really be there for her emotionally, spiritual and be present for moral support. Her leaving me crashed my soul. I’ve done lotsa soul searching including going for therapy, to get back to my true self. I left my old job and now have a new job with a steady income flow, I’ve started saving up and I don’t go overboard trying to please people anymore. Recently, my girlfriend and I started talking again, but I snapped when I noticed her being distant. My gut tells me she’s not secure with being around me anymore and she doesn’t feel safe anymore. I’ve said hurtful things to her, made her feel unwanted coz I couldn’t share what I was going through with her, all my actions kept pushing her away. We were friends for almost 4yrs before I felt I was ready to kick it off with her, and it didn’t last 2months. This breakup rocked my core, coz I lost my one true friend. I admit I’ve been toxic to her and narcissistic in a way, and I need help with changing that narrative. I want to build with my baby girl and nurture my future kids with her. I really miss her, I wanna patch things up with her, with a reformed me. Help, I’m a man distressed. Help me get my girl back by helping me reconnect with my positive, happy, grateful, focused and goal oriented self. I want to feel more love and sense of worth from myself and be strong enough for myself as an individual and for us both.

My mum didn't survive cancer, its bn two weeks since her death and I feel like I can't cope, this morning I cried kwa matatu, at work whenever someone asks about it, I'm fighting tears.

My partner can't seem to understand what I'm going thru, right now she is accusing me of cheating and I feel like leaving her

I feel so sad about my life nowadays. I barely have any friends and no one hangs out with me except my boyfriend but I feel like a burden sometimes.I just stay all day at his place because I can't stand being alone.I cry alot especially at night and I feel really uncomfortable walking alone at times,its as if some one is always staring at me.Anyway I feel like there are so many issues unsolved in my life like my sexuality,being body shamed and insulted about my weight by my school mates and mum.I also got suspended from uni for an year and lost all the people I thought were close to me. I'm failing in school and my ulcers won't heal. I wish I had people to talk to but I don't seem to make lasting or close friendships despite my very kind,interesting to talk to nature😉😂.I hate how often i cry nowadays and the sadness and failing in life and at so many things.I wish I also knew what in me people hate so much they don't want me in their lives for long, maybe I'm it's how I look

I'm tired and I think going a lil bit crazy. My mind is so full, I don't even know how to discard the same train of thoughts, memories;to just basically get out of bed. I feel myself losing it day by day. I'm not the same person I used to be, I'm just drowning and I'm not fighting to come up for air and all.

My girlfriend of 2years cheated on me,I found out and had a confrontation with her. She left and went to sleep at her friends house.she left me the house help and my step son..I got depressed that she left just to avoid everything and in the long run I got admitted the same week with ulcers..she never came to see me in hospital or text me,but she came back when I was discharged from hospital took more cloths and left..I tried salvaging things for us to reconcile but she told me its over and that I move on with my life..its been a month now since in moved out of the house but she still sleeps outside and when i try reaching out to her she told me not to look for her again and to forget about my step son..that really shuttered me and broke me into pieces..I don't know what to do and its really destroyed me as a man koz I really love her and my step son...

I want to have a relationship with a lady one day but every time I try to, I do something stupid and start hating everything or I just lose interest.

When your spouse is physically abusive, what are you supposed todo?

What do you do when your spouse is jealous of your success and continuously wants to compete and outshine you?