I used to feel excited about my job and projects I'm working on, but I don't anymore. I don't know what changed. The passion has been replaced with anger, hatred, jealousy and most times I feel discouraged. I don't want it to result to me being a failure, I'm afraid of that. I really want to feel better and get back on course. Help.

feels very hard to share with others what am going through because it always seems like they don't take me seriously or they don't understand how to help me or sometimes I don't want to burden others with my issues when they already have too much to deal with. I struggle with self love and recently I let go of friends I thought were pulling me down, I lost someone I thought was my best friend because of distance. It feels like I attached too much of who I am on others so that when they are not here, I don't know what I should be doing.. I feel lost, people keep breaking my trust.. I've been thinking it's because of high expectations, pressure to keep up with peers, losing my best friend broke my heart and am still trying to just feels like it's one heartache after another ontop of work burnout and trying to figure out what I should be doing in life. Sometimes I am easily triggered by something and I become sad suddenly and I have to encourage/ pray myself out of it. But am optimistic one day things will get better.

I don't know why i feel so empty ,tired and numb. It just comes suddenly and i end up pushing people away,i just don't want to tire people ,but at the same time i just feel nothing like everything is a routine and a cycle that just goes on. It's like my life is just blurry and i'm just existing,with no sort of control,i can't even recall the last time i was really happy,

I had a job in December and unfortunately it ended abruptly. I feel so down and so much is expected from me back at home. Am so stressed up now. Again am single I don't have anyone who I can talk to or even share with my problems. I feel like taking a breaking from all this but I have nowhere to go.

I suffer from schizo-affective bipolar. How can someone no mania is kicking in- this is my largest undoing. I almost lost my job when the mania kicked in, despite being among the best employees and following my medical prescription.

I hate my job. I haven't gotten a raise in 3 years. My salary comes late. Always in debt. My employer treats me badly. I'm afraid to go into business because I'm afraid of failure. I overthink problems. I have no savings. I have no idea where my next career move is. I don't have a solid love-life. It's really hard to get up in the morning. I feel alone. Disconnected.