My best friend is not genuine.... He cares most about just him and his problems... which he offload on me. I help him make decisions but I realise he has never given a thought to my issues.

He watched me get into a relationship trap and now he beats his chest that he can't do what I did.... Yet he was my cheerleader then.

I feel soooo disturbed by his chest thumping.

Quit my job some tears back because the environment was super hostile and I was on the verge of an actual breakdown,so I chose my mental health.I was lucky enough to have savings for survival & to fund my business but things have been going south financially I am broke and I feel bitter,angry and resentful because I cannot believe I’m in this situation how do I not let my negative emotions get the best of me,also how do I look for alternative sources of income in this tough environment,I need help and advice please

I actually need a husband but I dont know how to talk to people or put up a conversation with them which makes me have a low self esteem

I am lonely and feel it everywhere. I only give but never be given in return. No one ever wants to do me favours yet I give out many. I actually dont feel like am loved but rather used. I never have lasting relationships. Men leave me without reason. I feel bad for myself because I dont know how to put up a conversation with people. That's why quiet all the time and have no friends

I am a woman living with a woman. She has cheated on me with men many times and apologises all the time... She has several faces and i have have loved her so much but my heart is broken. She drinks and abuse my physically and i have to run out of the house for my safety. The problem is when i leave she starts blackmailing me with her killing herself and then i stay.

Plz help me am so afraid of my life especially with her unremorseful personality!

From the outside looking in you would think my life is perfect but am so unhappy and anxious all the time. I am beginning to dri k a lot because it helps quiet down my thoughts and not think about my problems. I feel like am sowly going back to where I was in 2018 when I was diagnosed and treated for depression and anxiety and its so scary

i really don know what to say. i turned 35 in may. i dont have a boyfriend and no kids. in fact,never had a boyfriend- ones i get don go beyond say 2 months.once someone sees me physically, they give all kind of excuses not to continue our friendship. biggest issue is that am of short stature- am pretty all areas,only 4 feet tall. i have a good education, a job that makes me meet my ends, but only thing the men see is my height. sooooo discouraging.

i just want anyone reading this to know that a person is not just what they see on the outside,try look beyong the vail. maybe that way more men and women will not go thru what i feel on a daily basis.

i have a strong faith in God btw,so i pray oftenly in a day.

I have been seeing this guy for a few months now. Our relationship is not the typical one because he has kids from his previous marriage. He is very loving, thoughtful and accommodating, he is amazing! Nothing short of amazing! He makes sure I'm okay and very transparent about his life and the co parenting schedule with the ex wife. But the issue is with the ex wife and the way they co parent that has me on edge, Normally he has the kids but she usually comes over to spend time with the kids in the house and if its too late she sleeps over for a whole weekend which high key bothers me. I don't know how to address this issue because in the beginning he was very clear that the kids come first their needs and wants come first then our relationship. I get that...the kids are going through a tough time trying to fit in the new normal which means their parents don't get to raise them together as a family and they need all the love and reassurance they can get so that they feel like they are not missing out on anything. I feel if I speak about it, it will be like i'm not considering his kids which I am...but also I don't want to end up in a situation where I am the laughing stalk and I should have seen it it meaning the parents getting back together! Sometimes I feel like I'm digging a very deep hole for myself,it scary and I don't know what to do.

I have been dating this guy for five months, he used to get angry when I talk with my friends both boys and girls and now I have lost almost all my friends. The worst thing is he chats with several ladies and recently he has been constantly chatting with his farm manager(a married lady) every day and even call her sweet names but he expects me not to get mad and he wants me to have a relationship with this lady, to me this is a little weird. I feel like this man is cheating right infront of my face. I don't know whether these are enough signs for me to walk away or I should atleast try n fight

i have been in employment for long and some of my friends have made it in life without employment. my journey has been difficult on/off different companies and whenever i want to start my own business so many ideas comes to my mind but one question always remain how to get capital. 1 spare shops shop 3. car wash this are just but few. and my current situation is that i had lost my job on January 2020, the little i had saved unfortunately is finished. i don't know how to start over with nothing left.