I have so muccccchhhhhh resentment ,anger and hatred towards the men in my life....They have hurt me so much willingly and unwillingly.disrespectd me.being emotionally and physically abusive towards me. I love them so much the hurt me so deeply that i feel like hurting the,punishing them and sometimes killing them sorry to say.They make so f..miserable and emotions...I feel am on a road of self distructions..i wish them nothing but pain!!!!

21 guy, never kissed still virgin , no alcohol or parties..etc while I love some of that about myself, I am just worried about the girl I'll get in future. This generation of girls is quite difficult , seems a choice of being loaded with cash or being good in bed , sometimes even both may not be enough for them . Should I just get a hookup and do this once and for all or what?

What's your view of masturbation?

What's your view on porn ?

Feel that this generation has 'embraced' these aspects of sexual life and while they still remain a taboo , underneath it's common practice.

What do you think

What has life taught you so far? Advice for young men please 😊 thanks

Feeling lonely, anyone up for a random chat about anything just to pass time ?

I have been jobless for over  5 years having worked for 3 yrs in a well paying job,applied for jobs now I'm tired. Don't know what to do with so much responsibilities expected from  me.

I'm a grown man. Should I still be using emojis?

I think I need some help or even someone to talk about my attitude and emotions,, sometimes I find it difficult to control it to a point that I feel like finishing that person off (killing), mostly is when someone hurts the people I love or when they not show gratitude or respect to the little help or love I shared wit them,,,it's not that am a bad lady , another thing is that am an antisocial person and I hate company of ladies😓😓,,, what should I do.

Just a lesson to the men. If a lady you're eyeing cancels the date once (on the material day), then twice, don't wait for the third time. Move on and see someone else. Someone who's interested in hanging out with you will cross crocodile infested rivers, just to come to the date.

Allow your mind to be at peace. Avoid situations that put your mind under unnecessary pressure, and pursue mental health.

Also, if someone genuinely wanted to cancel a date due to something serious, she will suggest an alternative day.

some days i need a little more to feel "okay"