How do u stay strong when taking care of a sick mother..lately its just too much, she doesn't seem so good and i am so sad and with alot of fear. Whenever i see her i just breakdown😫😫😫. I haven't been okay for the last one month and the moment i was seeing a silver lining, my mum starts getting sick.. Does it really get better?

I am trying to pray but sometimes i think the worst. I haven't slept well for the last 4 days..whenever i hear a sound i just wake up thinking its my mum calling for help. I'm supposed to go back to school but i can't leave my mum here at home sick..

Hi my name is Simon, am 22 and some times I fill like an adult fucking my way through life

Is it only me or are we created to always want to have someone by our side? This feeling if loneliness is killing me

Loneliness and thoughts of depression are real. Being away from family and friends is hard to be honest. Those people are thought were my friends are seemingly more or acquaintances than actual friends. I sometimes feel that reaching out to people when I am feeling low seems like a task so I have resorted back into my bubble and yet I am the most vibrant social being you can ever meet.

I get a job at a private hospital..not told the terms of engagement but told to start immediately..after one month on a Monday the human resource tells me I was standing in for an absent employee and now that they are back we no longer need your even allowed to finish the month since it was the 26th..I just wana slit my wrist..fuck you human resource manager of ... hospital

Introverts are so misunderstood by the world , na it can be quite difficult taking it all in. I'm 20 in Campo but it's really stressful being surrounded by so many hyper young guys who just want to hang out and party all day. Anxiety is also another issue for me , can't even go to the shop without being so insecure. Would love to somehow solve this. Also in this day and age , girls don't have the patience to get to know someone & prefer the bubbly guy who parties all week and give them a good time , this disturbs me coz I've been rejected multiple times by girls I liked. Why was I born like this? Would love to be able to do things like go out without having to feel like the whole world's burden is on me . Are there any girls like me ? Never met them . Have my friend but he's transferring to another Uni so I'm not sure how I'll cope . Thanks

Even though I won, I feel like I've already lost, the last time I did not trust my gut, turned a blind eye... Build myself up only to self destruct.. Maybe out of desperation

Am 29yeqrs old Kenyan and life has been Soo unfaithful to me since form 3.My dad and my Mum never wants to hear of me...Wako radhi nifie nliko since am the useless educated dog or sheep as my dad and brother refers to me. Right now am living with my uncle who actually threatens to throw me out of his since I can afford to buy food or anything in the house. I have been jobless since I completed my University degree and living at home has been hell.At times my brother dares to kill and after he raised a panga on me that's when I decided to walk out.My dad on the other side never wants to see me.Back in the days he threated my life too and when I asked somebody to talk to him that angered him more. I don't have words to explain all the pain and agony am going through right now..As am writing this I just want to walk out of this house and better live in streets where at least I could smile rather than being threated to be kicked out or find my clothes thrown out someday. I thank God thoughts of suicide got away since I want just to live but I don't know how and where....May somebody understand what am facing and the kind of life am living right now.

I've been having abandonment issues and PTSD I think for the longest time since childhood and it's affecting my relationships into my adult life...I don't know who to talk to because in my family we have been raised to be unemotionally available which I believe isn't a healthy way to live. I'm surprised at how much I've been sweeping under the rug. I've been coping with the stress through substance abuse but I'm afraid for my health basically because I can't afford medical insurance. Being unemployed isn't helping either. I could use any recommendations for a therapist. Kindly email me at thankyou