Feels like my life is heading nowhere. Applied for something I am really passionate about and did not qualify and I really feel like I am a huge failure because nothing is working out.

I can't find sleep and everything is overwhelming at the moment. I belittle myself and consider myself a failure in both career and relationships. I believe there is something wrong with me where i a not worthy. My esteem and confidence are on an all time low.

I can't find sleep and everything is overwhelming at the moment. I'm constantly reminding myself to remain disciplined and focused as things will into place in due time. I shouldn't worry about things I can't control. I'll do my part and the rest will go they way they'll go.

The problem with mental issues is that you can't help someone if they're not ready to help themselves. I've overcome self harm, slitting my wrists, despondency, and depression generally by developing a stronger mind. Sometimes I read things here and wish to help but I revise my advice and find it irrelevant to a person in a depressive state of mind. Love and light to all you. I hope you find this light.

What of people who know that they need professional help but can't afford the rates given? Are there cheaper sessions

Been struggling with what I can't exactly explain for maybe 3 years now,I'm very conscious on getting better and doing better and I know for sure somehow I'll make it in this life. I regretting reaching out to my family for help, my sister treats me like a nobody my mum about 2 months ago told me "hiyo depression haina dawa sasa unataka nifanye". I feel like a burden to them and even took up a not so good job in another city just to be so far away. Some days are better than others, but generally I'm so tired of this life 

How do I get over this feeling? I don't want to leave the house

10 days without smoking marijuana. On Wednesday I came close to smoking a joint but managed to fight off the urge. I had Kes 120 to buy groceries. A joint costs kes50 and I was tempted to buy one and reserve the balance for groceries cause I needed just a few stuff. When I found nice bananas and avos kwa mama mboga, I decided it would be better to buy them than a joint. One step at a time.


been diagnosed with schizophrenia since 2009 and found the lord to help me cope with the disease and been in prayer for all that else can one cope as now not also employed and believe being busy gets your attention else where?


For the past one year I have had a drinking problem where when I drink am not able to control the amount and end up getting very drunk and cause alot of drama, last night was so bad that the cab driver even went with my phone because i couldn't pay. Am not a regular drinker but once i do its so bad. Please help