I wish my government would improve the health system. Especially the working conditions for nurses. In one county nurses were summarily dismissed for refusing to touch a patient that tested positive for Covid-19 without the appropriate protective gear... We are people too 😔

Why does life suck this much though, on the verge of giving up. No one is actually willing to help.

All I'm saying is that if I happen to contract covid19 I'll not put an effort to get treatment. Self isolation until it does what it does best.

No one is making out of this world alive. We just have to be strong, face each day as it comes. Dont put pressure on yourself. I'm in a tough situation. But I know I'll make it through.

For those feeling lost dejected lacking friends and persons to talk to let's create a group together cause we know ourselves better before everything changed to where it is now. We all need a person to talk to an arena to express our fears without facing judgement. Let's create a serene environment for our minds. We are not our fears. If someone has successful gotten over this help others cause I dare you know how dark it feels

I need someone to talk to cause I am losing my mind. I am completely empty am always alone always wondering or cursing myself I can't even talk without feeling weird am judging everything I do and its usually negatively. Its hurts to see how my life is going people are thinking am going mad but sadly even my family members. I don't have anyone to talk to am always assumed. I just wish I can call a person and have a normal 10 mins conversation without feeling weird or someone teach how to interact. I long to interact with others but its the hardest thing I can do.

Someone I thought I cared about stole from me and that pain is bad. Letting people in to your life and then they mess you up. And as usual our cops don't do much. They basically said it was my problem for allowing that to happen. This bugger stole both cash and my laptop. He is stealing again, that much I am sure. His name is Morris Mchawia Mwavizo, alias Jackson Desmond Sihuli. He is an author. If anyone is on the social dating apps, please watch out.

He's a sociopath cos he even uses his kids in the game.