I met this lady a while back last year and became friends. After some time we got serious about dating and did it for a couple of months. We were both working but Corona happened and I lost my job. She still has hers but also for her place staff received pay cuts and things got tough for her too.

We tried hard to put things together with the little we could get. Sacrifices here and there. One day she told me it wasn't working for her and that she needed to focus on she left and we didn't talk for a while. I later came to learn she had fully dived into serving in church. What shocked me was the fact that this "church" was a sect and was blinding it's congregants with false hope.

So now the lady is suffering in denial and hiding in a "church" while we could have sat down and reasoned out stuff together. I'm just flabbergasted about the whole thing

I'm just curious; are there men and women above 40 years with no kids or partners in their lives? How is life like for them?

hi good people, how does one deal with childhood trauma ?

hi i am tired and just overwhelmed, my life has been full of negativity since i was a child i was treated so badly by mother. It hurts me to date especially when you compare how my siblings are treated. I have started a small biz and anything i share is always taken negatively and bursts iut fights last month i was ready to commit suicide but now i started a business to take away all that. However problems with them just keeps coming.. What should i do? ?

Women are poison. Good women are hard to come by. Fed up!

Shit been real of late.Just need someone to talk to.

Yesterday I almost killed my one year one child. I pressed a pillow against her face. I could see her kicking and try to be free I stopped it. Now the urge to it again is overwhelming and I like the idea of doing it then kill myself.

Referrals to a counselor who can help someone overcome childhood trauma will be appreciated

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