Why do men go quiet/ghost women they have been dating?? Is it a way of breaking up quietly? Very frustrating 💔

I hate hearing about my parent's financial struggles, it really makes me sometimes hold back when i want new things because i know they might not have the finances for it, no matter how small it is . i really wish there was a way i could help them but unfortunately i am still in high school and i have no idea where to start.Now i understand why parents NEVER disclose their financial difficulties to their kids as much , because now i am stressed and i shouldn't be.

I have this porn addiction that is really messing with my social life.. I really want to stop but I don't know how.need help please

  1. Lost of job
  2. Lost of my own apartment
  3. Moving in with my sister only for her husband to lost his life on a road accident while on his way to pick me up to thier place and now am left with the kids who want thier dads back n a sister who wonder why the husband had to die and leave her with thier three hard for me is hard for them is hard to have them call me auntie when feeling like am the reason they lost thier dad in the fast place...Please Help!

I don't even know where to begin to be honest I feel stuck in a way I can't explain...I think I just need someone to talk too and help me find a way to know what am trying to find within my mixed emotions of sadness quilt and lots of questions:(I want to say a lot but at the same time i don't know where to start.

I'm an adult, working but currently living under my parents roof so I am not financially independent enough to move out. I've had a good relationship with my mother until recently when she found out that my boyfriend is not as educated as I am and she forced me to break up with him (which I haven't). And because I came home smelling like alcohol she got mad at me (rightfully so) and said some very hurtful things and brought up every past mistake I have made (and previously apologized for). I said I should just kill myself if I am such a disappointment and she actually responded with "go kill yourself, the government will bury you!" I mean I know I messed up but for your own mother to to urge you to kill yourself (whether she meant it or not) is so toxic and damaging and sometimes I think maybe she's right, I should just stop being a burden to my family.

After 12 years of marriage I got divorced. It was devastating as my spouse had an affair. It’s been about two years and I decided to pursue another relationship even though I wasn’t fully ready. Our relationship has been long distance for the past 4 months. But we have seen each other plenty of times. May I add that this individual is from a different culture so we disagreed quite a bit on some things. But I thought we could grow to learn and understand each other. Two days after my last visit to him, he ended the relationship. According to him, he learnt a lot about my nature during the 10 days and has decided he doesn’t love me.

It truly hurts. I don’t know if I am more hurt that he couldn’t be man about it and break up with me face to face. But when I think about it I wonder if that really matters. May I add that he also blocked me from his social media a few days ago. That’s not a concern of mine. My only issue here is that I just don’t understand how someone can say they love you and just wake up and say it’s over.....

sorry for the long message. I am truly hurting ...

I am in a state of anxiety and depression since I lost my job five months ago I can't figure out what to do next since I can't make my bills meet since I have melancholic personality the situation is getting worse.

I'm at a Better place than I was jana. It's hard but it's better kuliko jana😊

I Love y'all since the stories make me calm knowing tuko wengi going through same but we still fighting on❤️