I have been battling with depression for a while and I would like to tell everyone to take it one day at a time and it's okay not to be okay. But there are days I don't want to do life at all!!

Is there something I can do...

am a university student and school work is literally killing us the end of the day all the students(me included) do is worry about how much work we have to cram,google,copy paste,edit and recall.

but its clear grades are more important than mental illness...

I am 32, never been in a serious relationship. Im employed have a good side hustle. I just cant seem to find love or allow myself to be loved. I long to be in a relationship but i push all my love interests away. Its hard for me to believe i can be loved or worthy to be loved. I just cant understand why its soo fuckin hard to love myself or see my self how other people see me as a straight up good guy. I drink to feel better but my demons know how to swim. I know the processes of self help but my mind and the voices in my head. Fuck

I am 25 years old,university student.i am depressed because i do not have a girlfriend.i am lonelyand addicted to porn,i hurt everytime i see or pass by couples please help

I am 25 years old,university student.i am depressed because i do not have a girlfriend.i am lonelyand addicted to porn,i hurt everytime i see or pass by couples please help

I'm not ashamed of my scars

I just didn't wake up one morning and start cutting

It took me time

A lot of hurt 

So much pain

My mental illness worsened 

My depression got the best of me

I didn't give up

When everything in me wanted me dead and gone

I still fought to stay alive

I'm mentally tortured 

My monsters mock me

You know the worse battle

Is the one you are with your self

The pain from within 

Is greater than any pain

The scars that no one sees are the hardest to explain 

Transferring my mental pain to physical pain helps 

So the scars you see on my body 

Ain't defeat but strength 

Instead of killing my self 

This is what I do

i dont know what i want anymore, thoughts in my head are running wild. i am 23 and i have a boyfriend we have been dating since january 2018 i am the one who asked to be in a relationship. As time goes by i begin to realize we are different and we have things about us that are pulling us appart. i have been raised to be tough and thick so i do not sweat the small stuff. my guy on the other hand has been pampered, he is 27 and still lives at home. he treats me well and is so humble to my friends and family, however we can not seem to be in good terms, he gets so sensitive when i make dark jokes, he is overburdened by stress and i get it , its not easy being unemployed, living at home and having a girlfriend, i just feel like we are always arguing over petty stuff that i say. he has reffered to me as a gaslighter . he loves to be the victim, its like i can never be stressed or allowed to be sad i am always there to lift him. he always talks about how people take him for granted or he has been in a codependent relationship, i am very outgoing and adventureous but lately i have been down for quite a while. i dont want to end it. i also cant help but feel unsatisfied, alone, even in bed.... its like i am no longer attracted to him. i care about him and would not want to hurt him. but then i realize i rushed things, i want to be alone and think through stuff i have always been with someone, never alone. i want to be alone,work through my emotions i am authoritative and he is a push over i think its toxic for both of us, then again he is the best guy i have ever been with, and i am afraid that i might just end the best thing in my life right now...please help i am confused.

I've had enough....... I quit..... I can't do this ..... I'm cutting but it ain't helping 

I'm scared I might cut a vein but wait I want to die 

I want to finally end my life

I'm tired of being a failure....... 

Nobody cares..... They won't even notice when I'm