I love sex. I like call girls. My first sex experience was with a a call girl, at a bachelor party, an year after campus. I had been abstaining all my teenage and young adult life. Infact one of my ex left me coz i was too demanding on sex. 

Recently a call girl i had been sleeping with 4 consecutive times admitted she's in love with me. She keeps telling me that she's past sex and just wants to be seeing me. She treats me well and we really enjoy sex but i don't think a relationship would work out between us coz i just want sex. Consistent Good Safe Sex.

Is there any hope for me? Is something wrong with me? 

Am depressed,jobles,loveless and seriously thinking of suicide.only drinking make sense,where can I get help?

i'm in a long distance husband works in lamu...but the urge to cheat on him is weighing in on me...i did not think marriage will be like this...when i need him his not available and vice versa..we are growing apart because we are having differnt experiences .i dont know..long distance marriage is hard...when he comes home he acts like a visitor.. and spends 90% of his time with his family and friends..and im supposed to understand...;(

My friend killed herself this week, I feel personally responsible. She told me she would and I did nothing to help. I may have as well just killed her myself. I can't sleep, I see her in all my dreams. I have to stay drunk to numb the pain.

There is a lot of pressure for the 25-30 year olds. Yet the unemployment level is at its peak. Your parents are growing old, bills still need to be paid. The economy is crumbling. Want to start a business but capital is hard to come by. Where do you run to?

Coming to the realization that when you are down and out the people you thought were supposed to be there for you, draw further away from you instead of bringing you closer. Life!

I do have incompatibility issues with women in bed , I have a more than average endowment that ends up making the ladies complain of pain. I haven’t found anyone who can really handle there a workaround to this ?

i have suicidal thoughts everyday. im having quite a bad day today.