I'm finding it difficult to tell my parents    that I don't want to get married. 

hi,al am asking for is a young friend who is ready to try out new things and keep me company without engaging in drugs or alcohol.just need to start afresh and have positive minded people around me who will help me grow and reach my dreams

Hi, i would like  to know the signs and symptoms of depression. And a specialist i  can speak  to 

I want to know what are the signs that one is sliding into some depression. The first mild symptoms? I also believe that my dad who behaves in an abusive way and is totally haywire has some mental health issues. Please help!

Hello everyone, anyone. All I want to give here is reassurance. I survived this. I'm only stronger for it. It never seems that way when you're in the hole. If you need a friend anonymous, I'm here for you. I am because I know I needed that. Bonga gives that. 

hi am moha am depressed and tressed by drugs i want to stop em buh still i cant cuz am addicted