Hey anoyone , I know that probably this is not a major issue but i really need someone to talk to about this.. i dont have a close friend i can talk to right now actually i dont think i`ve ever had  areal friend in life.Iam 22 years old single and i`ve never had aromantic relationship with any guy so far , it was always makeout sessions coz most guys wanted to have sex with me and just go so the thought of having someone to use me and leave me makes me fear getting into rlships and i`ve never found  a guy who wanted me genuinely and wanted to be with me truly.Im an introvert and i dont really connect with people or when i do i lie about who i really am inside.In the beginning of this year I started talking to this guy and he was so nice to me unlike most guys i`ve met be4 his cousin hooked me up and he`s also an introvert so we connected on some ends but he`s far from me , we talked much and i felt really attached and i thought of us as a couple or something more but a few days ago he started being distant and now were on the silent mode , i feel like texting him would be desparate of me and he wld think im soo into him of which i cant deny i like him even if weve never met but i was kinda hoping we wld and make it something more but am not sure what he relly wants or what he thinks of me.

Jambo my girlfriend is bipolar, she is very violent in the house, she is very depressed. How can i get 

I have been through so much that I have lost my sense to feel anymore. I  dont feel useful and every morning I just look forward to the day ending. I do not want to talk to anyone and I do not want to meet any new person. 

Most times I just want to die. I have distanced myself from people and I just got to a point where I dont have friends or family. 

My family consists of those kind of people who can even forget your name. Nobody cares about you. Its just like "grow up and get out and remember not to come back" 

My life right now is so lonely but with a lot of people around. People I cannot talk to. I drown in my own misery all day everyday. I dont know if there is anything left for me to try to start living again. Its been long since I felt like a human. 

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Ever feel like you're doin the most in any relationship... I feel like i give my all to friends, wife and i get nothing in return...

I’m fwelding very stressed at work at the moment. My boss always seems to rubbish whatever I do. We have been working together for around 2 months now and every effort I make She always seems to ignore and this is making me get frustrated. What can I do to deal with this and ensure that I stay motivated because i feel like this will start affecting my productivity at work. She also says thatshe will give me work or that we will meet and she’s never follows through with these things. What can I do to deal with this situation? Ive tried to stay calm but it’s driving me up the wall now...

Hi,I lost my mum mid 2017 and by the time it reached 2018,my dad had another wife. Well I honestly don't care about that but what bothers me is that I found out about her from my aunt coz he went silent on me for no reason for almost 3 months. I still mourn my mum with pain and sorrow and I feel like her memory wasn't respected at  all by my dad. I feel like my father should have spoke to my small brother and I and just tell us his intentions. They now have a child,I don't hate the wife and kid but I honestly don't feel the need to have a relationship with them. I live in Nairobi they live in Siaya county. How would you advise me? 

Am  i the only one who is cutting out friends in started in late last year but still... Nothing wrong with it is i think my bff gotta go to and now am just lonely as fuck... At the same time don't wonna make new friends either! 

Feeling kinds stressed out because of the situation at work. People seem to make everything say into a chat and it makes me so uncomfortable because I constantly feel like I cannot be myself. Everything I say is being monitors and this makes me so conscious all the time...  Am I the one who is shootming my self in the foot? Are there certain out of bounds topics not to be discussed in the office place? Men... I Need d peace to thrive