My best friend always gets close to the people I really like or date/dated. He always gets a way to communicate with them like on social media and such. The people I like, date or dates also get close to him. I, on the other hand, never get close to his ex's or the people he likes coz I find it crossing the boundaries. His behaviour makes me feel bad and over think what they say or do behind my back. I have told him how I feel before and he is well aware. Is this feeling normal? Am I over reacting? How do I deal with this? I don't want to loose the friendship but his behaviour sometimes makes me mad at him coz it's a repeat pattern for a long time.

I long for sexual intimacy. Am I cheap if I have sex with a man early without knowing him well?Do I first have to wait to know someone and build a relationship?

If a man says no when I ask for sex does it mean he isn't attracted to me?

I'm 35 single, never been in relationship. I used to think success money connections would attract everything I've ever wanted like a loving wife and family. But without self love, self esteem, courage, high sense of self worth or simply just loving oneself inspite of everything going on the world, i'll never achieve it. It's funny that everything i want is just a simple decision and will to do it. But without the action all hope is lost. The mind can be a prison. I just hope I'll overcome my limiting beliefs and inactions on the things I simply truly want. How do I stop the negative narratives and unfounded beliefs that I'll never be good enough or worthy of this simple task. If love is truly a verb then I think I'm fucked.

About toxic colleagues. Why is it a problem when colleagues see you thriving and always want to bring you down. I am 29 , in senior management and a 55 year old colleague just makes my life a living hell. He’s too toxic but I will not quit.

how does one let go or find closure getting ghosted or him pulling away?Its really affecting me emotionally and feeling so drained!!Its my first time getting ghosted at 25yrs not fun at all

I' really disturbed idk what to do I just feel like crying a lot and possibly hurting myself but I can't

Most of these mental issues we are reading about on this platform are drug-induced. By default, our brains have the capacity to deal flawless with issues that the current generation is facing like unemployment, early pregnacies, financial issues, political issues etc. Youths have messed with this brainpower by use of hardcore drugs hence the high rates of suicides, violence & divorces. I am not saying that drugs are the only cause but they are a major contributor. As a youth, avoid drug use - weed, alcohol, etc. that mess with your mental health. Mental health issues in youth often go hand-in-hand with other health and behavioral risks like drug use, violence & higher risks of compulsive sexual behaviors that lead to HIV, STDs & Unintended pregnancies. As a youth, Stay sharp. Avoid social media as it makes you compare your life to people who seem to have already made it. If you are idle, read alot, visit libraries, enroll in an online course, watch helpful movies or documentaries, go to church or dance club, engage in sports, teach yourself to code among other productive activities. Remember your brain is your driver. Take good care of it always. If you would like some friendly advice or just feel like sharing, I have always listened to my dear youths on this platform. Shoot me an email; ( ). PS. I am not a professional counsellor. ^AD

ANGRY BITTER WOMAN SYNDROME!!!is real affecting women from 25yr and above.