I bet everybody here is fake happy too

You know what is  sad, even here we have zero rplies... Zero.. Like someone opens up in a relatively safe space and get no rplies... That is just sick. And it sucks... I posted about my issues few months ago, wish i can find them though am sure it has zero rplys also. 

Ths sucks

Not sure where to begin by airing my thoughts about what I am going through.. At one particular point, I had lost all hope in myself and in the Lord, Which is the most dangerous place to be in for anyone..I manage to survive day by day and at the end of the day I feel this relief that I made it through that day & tomorrow is yet another day.. Another hardship of trying to make ends meet, of suffering inside slowly by slowly till the next break through..I have had days that I would walk into the house and head to the wash room to just let the tears flow down where no one is able to see.. I have also had suicidal thoughts asking myself this is not how life is supposed to be but I brace myself to face another tough day all together.

For the people you thought care about you but put you into that low esteem feeling. Have created this wall soo high now that even the worst of words I just breath in and out and try and let it pass.. 

Having no words to reply to any negativity,, I think is my stepping stone for now, it gives me a sense of peace..


How do you deal with an extremely stressful situation at work? I’m in senior mgt and since there has been change of top leadership the situation has been hell for me. To be honest it is really personal and nothing objective can come out of the conflicts this far. This has taken a serious talk on my health. I feel the leadership is frustrating me so I can throw in the towel and while I can do that I’m not a quitter but this is taking me down. I need help. 

heyy, so i have issues i cant seem to figure out and they are family related. its like i can feel something is wrong. the first issue is i have tried to ignore issues and ended up hurting my father, and i wish to apologise because i now understand he did nothing wrong but i dont know how to apologise. we dont have an open bond to allow me to do so. the other is that i see my mother having a friend who is a completely different person. he is not who he says he is, and seems like an obsessive guy. tried telling her about it buh was locked out. so any suggestions?

Hi.a low day it has not in a good place mentally and emotionally.scary thoughts going though my mind and yet i have little ones looking up to me and a partner who needs my help coz he seems drained and tired.i wish the earth would open and swallow me.

Hello stranger,

I feel alone most of the times. I feel like there are very few people I can connect with on a deeper level. I have friends but there is none that I can get to talk to deeply about my feelings. I am social person, I make people laugh, but deep down I'm lonely and hopeless. I'm in my late 20s and I haven't got an idea nor the direction my life would take in the 30s. I used to love uncertainty and living life without caring about tomorrow, not that I did drink or do drugs, but I never gave much of a thought about where I would be in five years, or a decade. Right now, I just want structure, and certainty. I want some direction. I earn average income but I really don't have an idea of where I'll be in two years or three. I had to to put this here. Tell me your thoughts, I will come check them later. Good day ⛷

ave been meaning to tell someone, tlk to someone but thearapy is expensive and i dont want to talk my meds because they make me feel i am not me. no one knows, but i am having another episode.. at works things are ok.. i guess. my boss is a dick, we were friends, maybe more and now he treats me so mean. at home i feel ok, my other relationships are literally ships just passing by.. if feel like i am unloveable, unworthy, unlikeable. in my last relationship i feel like he never loved me..he probably just used me... and yet i gave him everything i had. i was depressed, manic andam and was bipolar and he didnt give a shit. i constantly have nightmares...and i really dont want to take meds...i feel alone, always looked over, abandoned..i just want out. i had the chance to jump off a bridge today...but i held bback... my aunt passed away today... 4 years ago...she was a kindered spirit. i think zo mNy other people could have lived instead of me... 

So Ive been away for years, whule I was there I met a guy akiwa Kemya nkiwa away. So now that im back we have met a couple of times and he has recentl seemed to lose interest. He doesnt text till I do neither calling. Im in love with him and I want to walk away before im too stuck  but i dont know how. Im depressed..