I eed help I studied and I feel like a falilure who cannot thnk of ny business idea when it is hard to come by any jobs these days. I feel like a failure and al;l my friend sthat did not even go to college are doing better than me. They now laugh at me while giving me lifts. It is embarassing and I feel like ending it.

suffered depression for a while and realreally need help

at times i really wanna lean how to love less... o just know how to let go than being treated bad and still staying. it makes one feel not good enough, underserving. someone teaching me how to love people less..


We celebrated our second anniversary last August as a family with my wife. We have 1 year old baby boy and I love my family so much. But I feel like I am the one for asking when it comes to sex. My wife will never ask for sex from me, only me do ask and whenever I ask we enjoy together. But I feel I am the only one interested in this game. It is now stressing me up because I think maybe I like sex too much or maybe I have a problem with sex. I love my wife, not just for sex but for all the other things we can do together. But we cannot remove sex from the equation. I have tried to talk to her but she says there is no problem. That whenever I want I should simply ask and I will be given. For her she does not do the asking. Is this the case for all married couples? Should this be the case though because where are brought up in a society where men are brought up as the hunter and women as the hunted?   

I struggle with feelings of running in the same spot n getting nowhere. I look around and everyone seems to be going places n wonder what it is that am doing with my life. These feelings get to unbearable levels around holidays n my birthday and it is getting  n harder to fake smile through it all. I know all may not be as it seems when looking at others but the feelings of frustration n anger at life are getting to be overwhelming. How do I get this in check? 

I hate being introverted and I just want to get outhere there and socialize, network etc. Where do I start?

Yesterday I caught the man I’m having a casual relationship with in bed with another woman. I cannot function I’ve cried myself to bed the past two days. 

I was only looking for some sort of love but clearly I always attract men who want to play with me.