i feel like my life is shattering down.I've drowned myself so much in alcohol,I hate my job because I put in so much effort but what I earn can't even sustain me,Im supposed to vacate my house by 31st I don't know where ill go to  and I feel so torn I cry myself to landlord wants me to replace some doors ,I don't even have a dime to even move out .I'm totally clueless on what to do.God give me a sign!Im losing my mind 

hi, i find my work environment very supportive...however it seems that i am in a relationship with a colleague that i did not sign up for. i am just so confused on how i ended up here. I have nothing but nice to her, however it seems she has taken my 'niceness' to mean  that we should be something more...yet i am married... i am know i am allowed 4 but i dont want her as part of my 4. is there anyone in such a situation? can anyone relate? what should i do? thank you.

Saw this on Instagram, and I think its really great. I just wanted to recommend an app called Calm for Meditations and stuff. Its really nice.

Also if you're going through something, just hold on. You're worth it. Help is on the way.


Hi, I had a traumatic experience early in the year and I think I'm might have PTSD. I also feel demotivated and spend most time in bed. How can I help myself.

Going through a deprerssion? I can walk together with you. Hit a reply

I'm a 30 year old man but get over emotional at time and cry a lot. Is there anything wrong with me?

I'm not taking my meds anymore. I hated them from day 1. I think I'm managing okay...some days are tougher than others, but, I'm keeping up. My hope is that one day I will be completely alright an not even have to think of the meds.

I am 30 years old and keep failing in my career. I make two steps forward and then a major setback makes me start all over. I have worked hard to get here but sometimes when I see my peers who have the things I have worked for for so long I get so bitter and angry. Some of them havent put in as much effort as i have and its so discouraging. Should I continue pursuing my dreams? Do dreams come true? or is it time to give up, settle for less and wait for the day my life will end? What is the point of trying if you keep falling down every time? Its so frustrating.

I just saw this on Instagram and I' m here to help and share in whichever way I can