2022 looking for a friend , I'm 21 so quite naive . In campus but hate it . Nothing exciting ever happened in my life , don't know how to swim, quiet with no friends,never learnt how to ride a bike, always anxious, plus nakuanga mwoga.

Yap that's my life .

Hey there! How are you today?

I just ordered the poison im going to end my life with.In too much pain, cant continue living like this

What does it mean when someone has written in her social media bio; SHE/HER

If you have written so, please let us know why. Thank you

I feel lonely. All my peers are either in serious relationships, marriage or parenting. It's so hard to get time to hang out with them. I'm also finding it difficult making new friends at my age. It's so frustrating. There's only so much i can do to occupy myself with -work, hobbies.......but at the end of the day I still need to hang out with someone. Help!

Hello, how does 1 know if they’re suffering depression. Am feeling so low and can’t explain why so.. things are not that bad in my life but my moods keep fluctuating from time to time.. why??

Thank you David for hurting my feelings ,thank you for finally being honesty with me...thank you for making me crying all nights ..thank you for giving me an heartache..thank you leading me on ..thank you for using me.. thank you for your fake love...thank you for the sweet nothings...You cant even apologize....thank you using me and hurting me intentionally and unintentionally..Time will heal all wounds..ill one day become a mum David..It shall be well

Good morning all, am just here to give hope to all of us going through things nobody would understand. It is going to be okay. And as long as you're alive,God is not done with you.

Hi. How do u let go an abuse that one has gone through or even forgive in Dat sense?