I sometimes feel like I'm an empath and going through some of these issues people have is just heartbreaking.

All this can be made better if we all became aquintances first then friends and actually meet up all of us and talk out stuff like an AA meeting

It's tough going through life alone

Hallo..I feel so hope,everything thinking of death and worse scenarios that can happen to.Am hate myself.I need help

What would you do if everyone hated you?

Are there remedies for effects of murstabation namely; increased sensitivity, premature ejeculation, high refectory period and shrinked penile size. I have murstabated for 19 years, I am in my third month since stoping it(Thank God) . Now I need to address above side effects. Please help

What are some of the ways of improving self esteem/ confidence..I feel low sometimes

I'm just looking for female friends in this platform.

I have too many male friends it's becoming a problem.

I need female friends who we can all start a sisterhood and actually support each other, upgrade together, go out together, experience life together. I'm 25.

Sending love to everyone who's going through tough times♥️

Tough times don't last but tough people do.

What's left for me to even live for

I have a problem with marijuana abuse, and I cannot bring it to a stop. I don't understand the root cause, but I really need to stop because its messing me. Somebody help

I will be turning 26 this year. Ever since I was young I have always wanted to succeed in my professional life, I graduated in 2018 and have landed in 3 different 'stressing' jobs since then and now I want to start applying for another job especially because of the challenges we are facing at work and two I discovered that I am pregnant and thinking I should be in an ideal environment for my baby. But the thing is I am not ready for a baby or marriage .. I wanted to get my career right, do my masters then think of a family later. We've been dating and staying together with the father of my child for one year now and he is so excited about the baby and want to marry me before the baby bump starts showing as he is a Christian. He has met my parents and I have met his and they are both happy for us... We love each other but I am not ready, I feel that I haven't even discovered who I am, getting married, having a baby and not knowing myself sounds overwhelming and embarrassing... Besides I feel too young to having a baby and getting married at 26. Isn't 30+ years ideal?

Ps. I fear having an abortion it might haunt me for the rest of my life.