.... I feel like I'm watching life from a third person's point of view, sometimes I get lost then I get shocked when I realise I'm watching my own life... Its like I'm trapped in my body/head

What's happening to me

Given a gun, I would gladly SHOOT TO KILL the one who gave birth to me. Does the world call her 'Mother'? If it !doesn't HAPPEN, IT MIGHT HAPPEN! ADULT TO ADULT!

I feel like ending my life. All because of a TOO demanding woman that has my child. I love the child but the daughter of 'Jezebel' sees me like a walking ATM. I never get to save any money because of the abrupt demands. I would want to be a part of my daughters life it's becoming too much. It's either I DIE or I move more than 500kms to keep sane. But what happens to my lovely daughter? Toxic feminists keep off! Already dealing with one of your own!

..... I was never ready, so I watched you go

Crest fallen on the landing with champagne problems

When you think you are having it bad, someone else is having it worse. look at the situation in india. god have mercy on them.

Sometimes I just wonder how our future will be like. There's so much evil things going on that I don't even know how we are gonna raise kids. No jobs, no income, how are we even going to start and support our families. Corruption, Greed, just a lot of wrong things happening. It really pains thinking about it and I can't just assume it

I'm obsessed with cumming inside women, I'm 33 years old and I have slept with 45 women and I can tell you how many of them by heart I have cum inside them.I usually feel like I'm releasing a part of me to them and that makes me happy.

Also,I secretly do voice recordings when we're having sex and masturbate to them later. Now I'm well aware of the consequences of this reckless lifestyle with unwanted pregnancies and all sort of venereal diseases that come along with it, I have tested on a quarterly basis and so far so good though I did have to procure an abortion last November for one of my girlfriends.

Please help!Napenda kumwaga ndani sana😁

It's times like these when reality hits. When I realize that the demons are never going to leave me ever, that they are with me more than I'm with myself. This realization breaks my heart and an overwhelming sadness fall over my whole being. Because how dumb was I to think that I could overcome what I'm meant to be.

I cannot be helped, and even if I could everyone is dealing with their lives, it would be shameless of me to think they would stop just so they can listen to me rumble about my nonsense issues.

Although 'selfish' of me to, but I wish the last attempts of ridding the few people that might give a fuck from time to time, the burden of my being had been successful.

Oh well, I am here again as they say, "Seeking attention"

Am 24yrs old I've been dating my boyfriend for close to 3yrs and it's almost 4 months since we moved in together... couples argue as is normal but due to unresolvable issues that mostly i feel that my interests aren't met except his 90% of the time...we tried to talk about it but ends in ugly arguments and am always left feeling like am the villain ...we tried breaking up but he keeps saying he'll pay more attention and treat me better but nothing changes... what else should I do other than break up with him for good

I can't believe how one mistake I made in 2019 from my end has cost me so much. I had no other option but to resign from my job, sell my prized possession (my car) to clear a staff loan I had taken, Move out of my house that I stayed in for 4.5 years, and move in with my girlfriend and depend on her for monthly sustenance at 50K p.m.What sort of looser depends on his girlfriend for upkeep? Surely?

I have gone for 4 interviews with no luck, I have done everything humanly possible to get another job through upgrading my cv, revamping my linked-in profile, and paying an interview coach to coach me for any upcoming interview that I may have in the future. It is now officially six months without a job, I know the other alternative is to consider business but I depleted my pension money when I left the job and I don't think the economic condition right now is conducive to start a business.

I can't say I'm depressed because I understand choices have consequences and I deserved everything that happened to me. I haven't resulted to drinking or drugs either as an escape mechanism but I feel like I have no purpose in life at the moment or anything to look forward to.

I don't necessarily miss the job coz I genuinely hated it tbh but I have lost 552k in lost income which I wonder how I will make it up coz I don't believe in going into losses