Lately I don't know what's wrong with me,I have anxiety and panic attacks.. Plus I feel sad out of the blues...I feel that everything family is going through a tough time right now and I'm trying my best to be strong. I realized most of my friends I could talk to are fake. Last week I had chest pains and back aches and after my Dr diagnosed me,she said I'm stressing so much and I should stop.I try to create happy moments in my life but in the end I still find myself sad and breaking..I have lost a lot weight in the last three months.. I really need some help but I don't where to's hard to talk to my parents and siblings because they keep telling me to "unfeel" while its so hard for me..I feel lost and empty, I've tried self therapy but I still feel stuck..

I cant do this anymore. A few years back i noticed that i started losing hair. Ever since life hasn't been the same. I have sunk into the pit of drug addiction. i use to stay alive. i drink to take my next breath. I am dead inside. Nothing excites me anymore. My sober mind is suicidal. I am even afraid of myself when sobber. I once cut my wrist and you can imagine how that went. My prob is that I am still 24. yet I am losing hairlike a 50 year old. I have pushed myself to the wall. I feel like there is no reason to live if i am not aalive. I'd rather be dead. I am hurting more people alive than if I was dead. I would continue but I have to go and get something to numb myself more. please HELP!!!

Hi. Im 23.My girlfriend of 3 year just dumped me saying I'm selfish. This is after I had done everything for her. Almost everything a man would think of doing for a lady. I really loved her and did everything for her. I saw a future with her. But just coz of a simple misunderstanding she dumped me. I even pleaded with her to make things better but she not take any of it. What do I do now? I'm trying to move on with life but I can't get her off my head. I just miss her soo much. I'm trying to get an online date to distract me from her but its not that easy. It's just soo heart breaking. How do I deal with this?

I'm just from the rooftop of my building. I almost jumped but I managed to pull myself together and I didn't... One thing I know for sure is that it's just a matter of when... I know the cause of my death will be suicide.

Hi... I have been going through depression for the past 4 year.. Its so hard to fight it on my own.. Am at my early 20s I need help..

Hi..could anyone know of any method of dealing with narcissistic relatives, especially if you live with them and you want closure and peace.. My self esteem is very much affected due to their narcissistic behaviors. Please Help..thanks..

I'm in need of meds please. All my relationships don't work and have never worked. I'm deeply introverted, confidence - lacking and anxious. Soo lonely but also doesn't like people company. I'm never happy, I don't recall last when I was genuinely happy please assist

I just need my life, as i know it to end

Hey. Thanks for this platform. I guess for my problems are permanent but what to do. I am mid 20s and suffering from toxic family enmeshment. Haven't been able to form any healthy bonds/relationships with anyone cause I lie a lot, consciously/unconsciously.

Recently 2017 I met a guy from a different tribe and we hit if off but I couldn't be completely honest with him, my family sucks and most of the things I lie about is many at time about them.

They never accepted me or believed in any of my dreams and I guess that has caused many damages to my life, I am dealing with excessive feelings of guilt at the moment cause there's basically nothing to show for my life at the moment besides a 4 abortions and a broken relationship from a person I really loved and we could have become everything we wanted.

Sijachukua selfie and I am jobless depressed undergraduate at a moment when I am trying to process this information.

PS. I have separated from my boyfriend several times and after him digging my dirty past I feel like he can never love me the way he loved me before . should I get back and try to make this relationship work no matter the odds and how do I deal with all these excessive feelings of shame guilt and pain?

Sincerely a troubled soul

Hi. I am a 23yr old female and I think I'm hypersexual, you know, like a nymphomaniac. Sounds kinda exciting but times like now, when it's quiet and I'm all alone, I feel so empty and lonely. When I'm having sex or masturbating the world could end and I wouldn't even care to notice. I've engaged in very risky sexual behaviour and I'm fearing for my health as a result. I don't wanna have kids either so that too is a huge risk that I take every time I have sex. What's a young lady to do when the only thing in this world that makes me feel alive, loved, wanted is sex?