In my opinion, depression stems from shame and fear. If we replaced that with courage and confidence I think things can be better.

I can't sleep, I was diagnosed with depression, dawa zikaisha and I can't afford therapy. So I am off meds and my life is a mess. I am also unemployed and nimejaribu vibarua nimekosa. The antidepressants are not cheap so I am just left to live one day at a time. I don't know how long I can do this 

Niaje raiya, nataka kuwacha kuChana jaba Na kukaa Base the whole day.. I want to get serious with life Na Niwache hii company ya friends Wa kushikisha Na Mafegi. Shida Ni it's soo hard kukaa clean for like weeks mbili tu.

Please advice me. Shukran. have sleepless nyt this bad and awkward nightmare.......i have a problem of always over thinking about my feelings......i have insecurities abt everything plz help cause I need to move on 

Hi guys. I have a pal who really does need counselling services but due to financial constraints cannot access any help. Can bonga counsellors kindly help please.? ? TIA!!

Can I share about overworked at my new place of work and far away from my family

Can I get contacts to reach a sex therapist with reasonable rates?

Am 34yr old woman , just discovered will be jobless from next year. I've never been jobless am used to being self sufficient. I Married young, to a very abusive man; that lasted for 5 years. I should have sort counselling afterwards because that really damaged me physically, emotionally, financially.... I just feel stuck in every way

I want kids I want a partner. I need something to keep me busy otherwise I don't think I have the energy to turn around from this situation

I'm a 23 year old girl who was supposed to graduate this year but I didn't make it to the graduation list.Now am at my former campus and my parents are expecting graduation end this month.

I have become addicted to alcohol and now drinking even cheap keg in hiding. My friends chased me out and have been living a whore like life for the last month.

I feel like committing suicide since after all my dad will like kill me if he knows I won't graduate

This is it, its time to proves a point, my mum can't have cancer. God its upto you.

Its an ultimatum God