Damn these lack of Job is driving me nuts,a air conditioning technician but I just feel challenges keep coming , need to pay bills but no income

I laugh more with the housie than i do with my own parents :(

I keep fighting with sister. How do I make it stop. She has not had a job for over a year. I end up doing everything and taking care of her and our mum. She still continues to make me feel less than a human by talking to me in such disrespect like I'm so useless ..but whenever she needs help with something especially financial she's so nice and asks for it ..I usually give her but I'm tired and reached my breaking point.

i hate what my previous relationship has made me become, am becoming a bad person (character wise) and a druggy

People are snakes... 🤣.... Eps The ones who love God... Hypocrisy

Help! How do I quit drinking? The hangovers, loss of memory and drunk calls are getting out of hand.

I need antidepressants.

I can't live off weed since it's illegal... I would if it wasn't.

I need something to help with my moods and appetite and sleep patterns and general outlook on life.

I do everything else, I workout, read, listen to music, take walks etc... I think this needs to be handled weed does.

What's the procedure... Really don't want to go the dark web route..

I am a certified Kenyan medical doctor.

I have some free time.

I can do some consultations during my down times.

If anyone would like help and direction figuring out something going on with them, reply below.

We can also chat on WhatsApp.

Anyway, let me know..

Day One of quitting bhang smoking.

Bangi, marijuana, weed, ngwai, gode, mbagaa, shada, shash, nduki, ndukulu, najua majina zote my friend..

Been smoking now for almost a decade.

On and off at first, I would smoke like only every 6 months. Then I graduated from school school, started working and moved into my own space and pretty soon I'd be high all the time I wasn't at work. Then I started working less, I found that I could make enough to get by working about 3 - 4 days a week. During my free time I would be high all the time. Anyway, it's been like this for years. I always have a stash, I am always blitzed before almost any activity. It is hardly enjoyable any more. I know about dopamine and tolerance and I think I have fried my dope centres with this thing. Luckily it's not H but still, quite damaging. Sometimes I don't care about anything - eating, taking a shower - as long as I can light one.. I am tired!!

I have made a number of decisions that have impacted my career negatively and I am wondering how many of these had to do with wee! I mean sure, the workplace was horrible but which one isn't? At least I was getting paid! Now I am barely making anything, I am actually worrying about money and my future all the time.

I remember the days in primo and high school, nilikuaga choppie, nilinyakua 1st position mara mob, academic prizes, now I'm just a junkie. Woiye.

Thoughts of suicide, don't even get me started, I dance the dance in my head every few months. Life feels worthless.

Now add covid to all of this, yaani, si dunia tu iishe inisave kujiua???

I probably have some kind of mental illness, something to do with anxiety, maybe depression, maybe bipolar? I hope si bipolar juu wao hujinyuria tena sana, kwanza around this age that I am.. Ghai,

I need help..

He confines himself to the dark corners and looks upon the rest of the world as it lights up with the smiles of those who dare to live in love. He yearns for that which he has never had but knows the dangers of risking it all for nothing in return. There are brief moments when he dares to step into the light, then uncertainty hits and he crawls back into withdrawal.

He's not as strong as he wants to be. He feels inferior; a twig amongst the trees. He's as delicate on the inside as he is on the surface. A boy with dreams of reaching for the clouds but cannot attain flight. The lost boy is now a young man but doubtful of his manliness. Struggles to find his niche in the light to no avail. So he stays in the shadows, alone with his thoughts. Lonely. Miserable. But still the dreams keep him alive, that maybe, just maybe...he could have his wish come to fruition one day and he could cease needing what he wants.

This was a little passage I wrote about myself one night when I was struggling to find sleep. I'm not sure why I'm sharing it, but it's better than keeping it to myself where it won't be of much assistant.