i just called my dad asking for help and he laughed and hung up the phone

why do you have to be so cruel

i liked the version of him that I created in my head more before I knew him

i wish i never picked up the phone 5 years and called him because even in my lowest they found ways to add salt to the wound

and all i ever wanted to make someone I've never met proud and all he's ever done is show me that he's someone who i should leave the fuck alone

kind people they you should forgive him, which i did ,they also say try and build a relationship

i think this one is far gone beyond the point of salvaging , i will walk away i think its the best decision

i wanna frame something he said to me so as to never call him I need 8k to pay for tuition fee end of sem exam i called him and he told me he has only 150k and he can't help me i had to kopa brunch for a loan

I WILL BE OKAY SOMEDAY BUT TODAY I CRY silently in my room hoping i will build a life for myself that i will be proud of

how do you know that you are slipping into depression?

i try to stay positive most of the time, not allowing negative thoughts but its become a part-time job to train my brain not to entertain such things

Like i was about to panic and probably cry august is here is going to be 2 years and i don't have job , i DO HATE this feeling

like i even want to work for free just to have something to do with my time

everyone tells me to be patient that it will all workout ,i just don't know how

it bothers me so much ..but let me focus on what i got which my health ,my ability to apply to 10 jobs a day hopefully something opens up

also if you are struggling and got a break through kindly share i wanna hear that someone else made it ,it gives hope to us fighting 10 wars at a go

I have been facing many many issues at work. I am thankful that I have a job but the work environment is toxic. Unfortunately I can't vent about it anywhere since I barely have a social life and I live with my parents who are of the old school mindset that I have no right to complain and air my grievences and stresses. The job doesn't pay enough for me to find my own apartment or house. I feel like I am at the point of a nervous break down. I usually work out to releive my stress but have had to put that on the back burner as I have my major project for my degree due next month. I have gained weight as a result of the stress and lack of working out and am getting fat shamed by parents at the same time for that too.

I like a kikuyu girl she is so into my head i cant do anything but think of her

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who do you have to kiss ass to, pray to in order to get a job in this country

the pressure is killing problems piling up like no one's business

How do you fix that mismatch in marriage.

Hubby is okay to work, especially working from home, watch documentary eat sleep and repeat the same routine Monday to Monday.

I want to be out there, I want to travel to new places. The house depresses me. The only way for my to stay sane indoors is to indulge in alcohol. I am actually happier at work than at home.


wow you come here you shame someone because he's gay ..tragic honestly

I really hoped you really support Kenyan Music. It really has a great impact on the lives of youth being the greatest in the population data. As an artist, I really find it difficult. I am in a crew called TGOONS. It is very promising as it is thriving on the Youtube platform but not without intense sharing. We are our own financers, our own managers, distributors, and perhaps our own advisers. What is more agonizing is the lack of guidance on how to earn from our music.