Where can I find affordable mental health institutions and rehabilitation centres for a common poor Kenyan who needs help urgently

Hi, I'm so grateful for this platform. I'm really struggling with codependency issues, where I feel like I'm so dependent on my friends especially. I'm always seeking their approval and I always need to be validated every now and then. I get anxious and worried if a day goes by and none of my close friends have texted or called me. I feel abandoned and I get lonely at times. I don't even enjoy my own company because I feel like I always need to have someone with me. I'm so like deeply attached to my close friends and I feel like that's so unhealthy since I'm putting a lot of expectations on them and sometimes they I get disappointed and I find myself crying on most days and it even gets to a point where I have chest tightness. Is there anything I can do to work on this and resolve it because it is really weighing down on my mental health.

I'm a weed addict eaxh time I smoke I just want to stop then I get cravings and nausea and end up smoking

I get suicidal thoughts and never acted on them once. My trigger is when I'm alone, the feeling starts with intense sadness that I can't shake off, I have tried meditating and positive thoughts but it's not working


Am stuck. I cry alone, I scream alone. I just feel stuck.

I have a job, am outgoing, i thank God for what I have honestly, I really do. Am alone. I've always been with my thoughts and feelings, I rarely open up, supposedly am 'full of myself' .

Everyone thinks am happy and successful and doing well in, am soo alone. If I keep at this I will lose my job, it's the one thing that makes me feel val8dayer

Hi, first. Am greatful for your professional advices on the platform.

second. I have a personal crisis. I am a writer, and a publisher in the uk just gave me news that they’ll publish my book. Its an Autobiography. I am from a single parent home, raised by my mom. Now, the news is unthinkable, but i can’t share this with my mother, she features almost nowhere in the book, added to that there’s alot of uncomfortable moments ive confessed to in the book. I don’t think i should share this with her. We’ve in the past had a difficult relationship, its healing, greatfully, but the news about the book might in the end not be the best choice.

Hey there, I have been in a relationship with my second spouse for about 4 years now. I was in the bad habit of cheating. Maybe it was the thrill or it was just to get it off. I used to have the need to just fuck around. Not making commitments but i just fucked girls. I would vibe them, get into a fling and well, basically thats it. When we met, I was loyal for a while and I started cheating again, but she caught me. That woman was lucky. I would be flirting with some woman then the one time she has my phone, a chat or text would come in. So basically i got found out all the times i tried. So in my mind I am like, well, maybe thats just a sign I should stop and for the last two years now, I have not cheated on her. But the other day we were arguing and she said shes completely fallen out of love with me. She doesnt not love me and I can leave for all she cares. This hurt me really bad and I am wondering should i throw it all away? She keeps referencing to the times shes caught me and in as much as I have apologised, she doesnt seem to forgive me. Every little talk we have, it goes back to my cheating.Sometimes I wish I just fucked the women ndio I be accused over something that I did as opposed to something i never came through on. WHat should I do? Because after what she said, I look at her and I keep hearing those words. Is it worth trying to fight for someone who is absolutely done with you?

I have had depression for now some time. it's nothing I'm ashamed of but sometimes I wonder why it had to happen to me. Sometimes I'm happy other times I feel awful. Feels like everything is working against me. I also have anxiety also I find no reason to be happy because the happiness doesn't even last I mean what's the point of holding on to something that was ment to go away. Being around people is hard especially with all these feelings and thoughts racing through me I just need someone to help me.