Wishing you all a good week. Remember to pray because God can handle everything. We will conquer all this problems. Life is still beautiful.

I really need someone to talk to, atleast I think... No one seems to understand me. When I try talking to somebody they conclude I’m rude or arrogant or exaggerating things but one thing they don’t know is that I’m hurting inside.. To make the matter worse even my boyfriend whom we’ve been together for over 3 years still thinks the same... I’m tired of crying to release steam please help 😭😭

I don't know whats wrong with me. There is this guy we had a situationship. Everything was fine till he started being inconsistent..we went silent on each other for sometime..i broke the silence the first time, the second time i ignored him too. After coming back to school we saw each other hanged out a few times and even smashed. One day we were talking with his friends and he was like he misses being in love, not ready to commit and that pissed me off. I blocked his ass for two months, after unblocking him he called and said he wanna meet..we met he apologized and we started talking again.from the looks of things he just wanna have sex. Yeah i know this dude ain't for me, he doesn't want me enough but i kinda miss him and i want him so badly too...why do i still like him even after all these shit?or maybe I'm a masochist..i want something real and move on from him completely..I'm just so clueless

My heart dies whenever I reach out to my special person, she is more than any other kind of relationship; She feels like my soul. It hurts when I reach out to her as she is as depressed,anxious and lonely as I am. Helping her would be helping my soul. It kills me when she doesn't reach out to me for help, and even worse when I have to honor her boundaries_She has ADHD. There is so much boundaries to observe about her personal life. My soul is slowly dying for her.

I've never been accepted anywhere. Not my family, so called "friends" colleagues treat me like an outcast.......I've always felt alone in this world 💔

Nothing in my life to celebrate about.I'm a useless bum living rent free in my girlfriend's house,I occasionally drive her car since I sold mine last October,I work a dead end job that I'm overqualified and underpaid for and couldn't care less about it,I have a child that I never wanted with a woman I hate more than anything in this world

Nothing as bad as Anticipatory grief. Dad passed on about 8 years ago in November and I become so sad on the weeks before. I find myself just drinking alot and just being a general mess. Does anyone else feel the same after loosing a close family member?

Hi , mine is not a problem but just need advice on this situation. I'm a very quiet guy in campus and there's this chic in my class always being nice to me and always starting convos with me. I struggle with smalltalk and sometimes I feel like I'm letting her down. She's rather social with everyone so that's one of the reasons I'm not too keen on her. Should I ask her straight forward whether she likes me ? If yes what advice would you give me ? I'm not talkative and struggle with social anxiety as well as self-esteem issues.


I just need a bed to sleep on for 2 weeks as I get my mind right. No income has gotten me on the ropes.