I am currently the most depressed I've ever been and every waking moment convinces me that I am wrongfully here. I have happy days too, but the next day it all seems so surreal and the heavy dark cloud comes back weighing me down.

just your resident yung dread-head with anxiety passing by..

I feel good about the progress I'm making. I have stopped watching pornographic material, and have consequently quit masturbation. I first worked on convincing my mind on just how bad it is. I constantly researched on the negative effects, till my mind and body agreed to quit. It's never easy, but I feel that I've conquered. I have also managed to shut out negative people from my life. I did it by ensuring that I visibly offended them, and they had no choice than pull out. Now I'm focusing on my hustle. Might consider dating in the near future.

I hope by sharing that I quit masturbation and porn, I encourage someone that is struggling with the same.

More life guys!

I woke up tired and feeling low. But I wanna make the most of today. I stopped smoking marijuana about two weeks ago and I guess I'm feeling the withdrawal effects. I really do not wanna go back there.

I woke up feeling fatigued, depressed, and headached.

Ever felt depressed and very sure that everyone hates you. Me too! one thing I have never tried is drugs yet but am thinking of it.. I always think of using cocaine ni vile sjajua inapatikana wapi yet.. I find alcohol smelling bad I cant stand it....anyway I have tried talking to people (I would say friends but I have no friend) but people are too busy. when I try making friends guess what NOBODY wants new friends especially the depressed kind who doesn't take alcohol. Life sucks

I miss my old self. This person that I have become is depressed, doesn't have energy, and isn't impressed by anything. I don't find joy in anything nowadays. My productivity has gone down tremendously. I can't even remember the last time I was happy with myself. I don't know where this leads to but I hope it ends soon.

Aki nalewa sana....I have drunk cheap alcohol for 14 days straight and my wife is not talking to me. I feel bored by life, work and I dont know why. Only alcohol gives me sleep and the cycle continues the following day. I

am on antidepressants. I experiences weird dreams every night and wakes up fatigued

Nightmares nightmares it’s 4 AM but i have dreamt (I think should be longest in the world)very terrifying dream,I have no sleep just waiting for dawn to break I’m very frustrated with all this nightmares