I am married to someone who doesn’t take care of me sexually and intimately. Her reason is she doesn’t want to use contraceptives. I am very sexual person but find it careless to give birth without plan. I’d like to hear your thoughts 💭. I find myself thinking of leaving .

Sometimes I feel like I’m just not good enough for anything. Like I’m just occupying space and people will probably not miss me.

I recently beat depression and got back to being my normal self. But this came at a cost. I got emotionally paralyzed (which worked for me cause I wasn't getting overwhelmed by many emotions). That was until last week when a very promising relationship came crashing down. It has broken me and all the emotions I previously had when battling depression came roaring back. Feel like I am in some tail spin and trying to regain control is the hardest task ever....

Been dating this guy for 6months.Issue is he gets angry and petty at things.He always wants things to go his way.If we are to agree on sth,he will not easily accept my opinion but question in a manner that i should agree to what he says.This always leads him to get angry and he even stops talking to me.How do i handle this?

I'm gay, which is not an issue with me. Nobody knows of my sexual orientation(that's what I assume). I'm very heavy on privacy and I'm not ready to disclose that aspect of my life. All my friends are straight and I find it hard to talk and share some things with them. Perhaps I need to get gay friends or someone whom I'm comfortable sharing stuff with coz keeping things and emotions to myself is heavy. It's too much!

I'm looking for that one last reason to end it all.

My debtors are ignoring me, I’m going to be kicked out of my house. I don’t know what to do. I worked so hard on an empty stomach to win and finish the jobs and now they are ignoring me. I cannot even think

i am slowly becoming an addict to masturbation , i need help

My boyfriend has always been helping with work but he expects more than I can give in return including a part of my salary to help him with his investments but I have told him I have to save for my masters, he doesn't understand and now he says I am being mean and we fight verbally almost every day, he is even entertaining other ladies. I am considering walking away but I am scared no one will help me with work since I am still not good at it. I feel trapped and stuck.