I've struggled with mental health on and off for about 6 years. Though there was alot of support around me, I've felt alone inside. I wasn't able to control my mind. I needed the support of medication to restablize my mind. There could be several factors why my mind went awry. It could be my experimentation with drugs and alcohol. It could be my isolation from social settings. It could be my fears. My fear of commitment causing a relationship I had to breakdown and so never connecting with that person I cared about again. My fear of an uncertain future causing me to be unsure of what career to go into and so losing an educational opportunity because I gave up. My fear of speaking in a public setting causing me to be afraid even of the little things like talking to a group or talking to a few people. My fear of judgement and mockery causing me to hide away from my true self and being vulnerable to those around me.

I've learned that words are powerful. Not just the words we speak to others but the words we hear and speak to ourselves. We need to be impeccable with our word. It is very important for our mental health.

I have a business proposal that will solve all your financial problems. Help me, help you. I want to create a platform that will allow each and every Kenya to have a job, you will have the easiest and most efficient payment transaction system, you will have access to any and I mean any service, or product or professional in the world. Just under one application. I’m looking for angel investors and venture capitalists. Just enough seed capital to help the whole world. We can end all this issue of unemployment today. Kindly reach out

I have just had a call with HR and my manager. My worst fear was disclosed to me. I have lost my job due to reduced earnings resulting from Corona economic effects. Having worked for the organisation for 8 years, I feel lost and disoriented.

Appreciate any advise on how to deal with such a situation.

Thank you.

I recently lost my job. I live with my roommate friend. We share expenses but I haven't been able to for this month. She got a promotion to move but currently I can't afford to move. I have nowhere else to go. I feel so helpless.

Looking for a job. I have a diploma in Information Technology (distinction) I am currently teaching myself to code.

I have bills to pay, gas to refill and buy food and I unable to ask for help (i get ashamed asking for money since i love being independent).

I am desperate and I can't sleep due to stress.

I have no laptop so I can't do any online work kindly any entry level job is okay as long as I will be able to build my career.

Anyone out there grant my prayers

My email is

Ever felt like you are going insane ?

I was lucky to get a job late last year but things have been tough, I have been feeling underqualified for the job because it was a mid level job and I had only internship experience of 5 months now I am suspectinng I have an imposter syndrome. Kindly help.

I don't know what will bring me out of depression. I don't know what it'll take. I lost my job last year due to complications with my pregnancy, i was in a toxic relationship. Now I'm single trying everything i can to make ends meet for my child and I, I lost myself a long time ago. I became depressed a long time ago. Its alot deeper than it looks. I really want help but I don't know where and how or even when. I feel helpless

I am an IT student and for the past one and a half month we have been having our classes online via WhatsApp. Balancing between my house chores and the tight school schedule of 8hrs of study plus added discussion at night for two hours has been overwhelming for me.Sometimes I get delusions and loose focus in the mid of day studies.Other times I feel angry and agitated which has resulted to me having frequent fights with both the admin,my trainers and fellow students online.I need help since the admin has started loosing hope in me to the point that I am almost going to be expelled soon if I don't get myself together before June.I feel low with self hate right now.