I have had one the best days of my life. Talking to Jesus is one of the best experiences one can have in this life

How do you get over a disappointment. I swear i can't call it a heartbreak because i wasn't together officially with the dude. One reason i feel so attached to him is because he deflowered me. He started acting like an asshole two months after us having sex. I mean i thought i was strong enough not to catch feelings but here i am. He started ghosting me, i broke it the first time, , then he ghosted me again but this time round i won't break the silence. I don't even want closure with him, i just want to walk away. Sounds easy, right? Its been hell for sure, he is the first thing on my mind when i wake and when i sleep. I really hate this. Somebody please help on the guidelines of how to get over someone. I swear this is not me overthinking

I'm afraid I can't get attached to any relationship. At first I just thought it's a phase but later realized that I'm even not that close with my family and friends. I enjoy when they are around but soon as I'm on my own, I forget everyone else.

I'm I okay?

So I live with my boyfriend who is a recovering addict,he keeps on relapsing now and then I think because we are not financially stable, this days he goes for days without coming home and when he does he's fucked in drinking,,am really worried now that we are pregnant with no income and him drinking always,,he really wants to quit but he keeps going back,, I feel alone and deserted I feel like am giving up...

So my stepdad and I do not necessarily have the best relationship. I'm a boy, late teens, and we can go for weeks without even having a 5-minute conversation, yet we live in the same house. It just feels awkward when he is around, it's sort of like I have to run away even though I am not doing anything wrong when he steps into the house. A part of me just doesn't want to try and fix things because he came into my life when I had lived over 14 yrs without a father figure , so its hard building a relationship with him because I've already grown without one. But the thing is that he's here to stay, sometimes its tough, can't even ask for anything from him out of fear. When we talk its usually so transactional , it just doesn't feel genuine. I do not know what to do about our situation.. any thoughts

Keep strong. you gotta be able to smile through all the bullshit, thats the only way to stay sane.

I feel my brain is exhausted full of unwanted and unplanned thoughts.

financial problems are weighing me down during this pandemic

all of these is awakening anxiety hence leading to a lot of overthinking

i am not prepared for whatever is coming my way because of the above


i am confused on how to respond to all situations coming my way

i am not thinking things through leaving me a captive of my own words

I don’t have courage to open up and face my fears

i have lost contact with my faith


i am rushing things losing ground with my inner self

I don't know how to let the walls down and be vulnerable. Help

Ladies, I have a serious question for you. What is it that thrills you in stirring up drama all the time? Why is the sight of, your partner peacefully enjoying rest after a stressful week, so disturbing to you?? Can't a guy just relax without stirring up pointless drama??