Hi am Eric 25 years old am having this problem that I lost my job and living with parent now and I think am uncomfortable..

My issue is that am lost in picking up the pieces

loneliness is no joke; i miss my family

Any chick who wonna hung out fuck? Attachments we'll figure out later. Comment

I thought I have family and friends but all I am to them is the butt of the joke....they talk and laugh at my face, at my problems......I do really feel alone and depressed

I just calculated all the salary I have earned from age of 24 to 33 years (coz I keep an excel sheet of it) and I have only earned 5.6M in total i.e. 60K P.M for 92 months.I keep recalculating this sum every day and it makes me feel like a loser!!!

I tend to worry too much especially about finances and what people will think of sometimes thinking am not good enough for my son

Can't seem to do the anything right,when i have money i spend it all on booze,am 32 and havent done much with my life.And then when the money is used up i get this bout of guiltiness and withdrawal symptoms which leads to depression.Anyone else coped with alcoholism,and how did you get through it.

having a support system is important!

i'm my own cheer leader and sometimes its gets a little lonely

yay i finally got what i wanted i thought i'd sleep better , but i'm still tossing and turning each waking night

i still see my demons running after me

i thought that maybe if i slayed one demon then they would all go way or celebrate a small win

even a break so i sought our refuge here

when does it end ?

Hakuna mtu anajua homeless shelter inaweza niho for 1week? kunanyesha na nimefungiwa hao'