Aaaarg! I feel I jus wanna scream my lungs out


I'm just wondering why adults lie to us for majority of our childhood. Teachers will tell you don't do this don't do that but in the real world these things are the norm

Growing up I thought that the world was a good place morally to be specific. But getting older you realize that cussing is the norm even by your close ones.

I'm a polite person and I really don't like use of the vulgar words.... heavily disappointed to find that people will even cuss in front of you not caring whether you do it yourself.

Things like alcohol porn immorality ...we were made to believe that they are bad and only bad people do them... but when one matures realises cheating in marriages is the norm casual sex is rampant... corruption..etc

Honestly I really don't know how to cope with these things . Adults please stop lying to your kids that the world is a good place... teach them to cope with some of these things....or they might be overwhelmed like myself

Hi I have a really low sense of self worth and it has really been affecting me mentally.

I also have low self esteem and have social anxiety it also doesn't help im shy and being a guy who's shy doesn't blend well with our society. I'm also in university where it's really hard for me to make friends and socialize.

Kindly help because I'm not sure I can cope with the pressures of this life

Do marriages really work nowadays?going by the stories I read on social media,it seems most people are glorifying immorality in marriage.hope there are faithful people out there

I find myself occationally depressed and suicidal. I really don't mind the despair that comes with it all, I know its just my brain being an asshole and trying to find an easy way out of a situation I always find myself in. What I find unbearable are the suicidal thoughts. I know for a fact that I don't want to die, I've made it clear to myself that am not going to do it but that really doesn't prevent my brain from throwing that option at me every chance it gets. I feel really stupid when depressed, I know it's a passing thing but that never makes it easier. I have a problem with seeing a specialist about this, I consider psychiatric intervention a waste of time and money. A way to engage my delusion. Moreover I have internal monologue and no psychiatrist can beat that, or so I think. Am not sure if sharing my feelings on this platform will help but I guess I'll just have to wait through the agonizing bullshit we call a mental disorder and see. I am just looking for a realistic way of making these episodes tolerable.

hi..I'm 24 years old last year I was diagnosed with depression..I numbed the feeling by drinking alot of alcohol..I almost became an addict.. i never disclosed to anyone close to me cause I felt they will judge me instead of helping me..I feel like Mistakes I made in the past are haunting me.. I've become so withdrawn and I don't socialise .. even with family.. I feel lonely.. uninspired and it's easy to self destruct.. Please Help.. this is too Hard

I'm going through depression and anorexia and it's two side of a coin.

I heard about bonga in one of my favorites radio station.I was excited to type bonga on my browser.I had no problem with the web design.I sampled through several pages reading about people stories,the highs and lows of our imperfect life.

I noticed one thing.There are people out there who are really suffering.This people need hope,some need counseling..some need real help.

There are psychologists trying to offer piece of advice.Good.Keep it up.But the problem is how far and touching does advice console the confidants.Have the problems of those people been solved?

I like this bonga idea but strategizing and tailoring the site objectives to give a real life experience is delusional.

If all this user's were to give a rating,I bet all of you will be sent to drawing board(Bonga team). Give people the help they can be satisfied with,chat with them.Giving a paragraph of advice without giving attention to the confidantes leaves a sense of hollowness and despair.


Words published here is to cheer up Bonga to pull up their sleeve's and identify how to perfect their site to a taste of their user's.I am not discrediting anybody.Hope you will find it helpful

Hy I'm 16 and I'm kinda bored about me my parents never spends tym with me and keeps sending me to stay with my granny every holiday ever since covid striked in I've never stayed with them I think it's affecting me b coz I m now doing girls I've lost weight and I get through breakdowns I'm lost please help me....