Am having problem with my relationship, every time am the reason my boyfriend gets mad at me. Am having problem with my emotions and I become moody almost every time am with him but he never wrong me. How can I prevent that and stay happy together with him.

I am dissatisfied with my day job, I don't feel fulfilled. I feel I should be pursuing something else but I feel I'm here wasting time daily. The only reason am still here is because I need to get my daily bread, otherwise I'd be gone long ago. It has even got to the point of feeling depressed, not good enough, useless and wasteful. How would you advise such a person?

I just want to say thank you to chiromo Lane

Today I almost killed myself I took the poison into my mouth but I couldn't swallow it, has anyone Ever talked to God I Need Him to help me everyone else is Alive apart from me

Hi i request anyone to advice me on 40 years and married with six problem is that when ever I Read anything ,I just forget after few minutes and can't remember at really confused because I was planning to go back to college for further studies and am scared that I might fail to understand anything.please help.thanks

I want to kill myself I can't go on anymore, does anyone know to die fast am thinking of jumping from a building right now but am afraid I won't die the heights is not high enough

I can I talk to someone I need help the past two weeks have been hell not sleeping and eating,

I'm a victim of rape. When it happened I didn't know what to do. I was confused and crawled into a really dark place. I started smoking a lot to the point that I got asthmatic. A month later I realized I was pregnant. I told nobody because I felt it was too personal, shameful and all. I didn't want to carry a rapist's baby so I terminated the pregnancy. I can't sleep since then. I close my eyes and all I feel is my clothes being torn apart by the men. Its gotten to a point where I'm starving myself. The last time I ate anything was seven days ago. I also exhibit bipolar characteristics. This doesn't help either coz most often than ever I find myself slitting my wrists or punching through walls. I can't keep this up. I would rather kill myself than go through all of this alone. And honestly , suicide sounds less painful. At least I'll not feel like this ever again. 

Has anyone ever asked you to describe how you feel and you can't totally explain it,and they won't understand.Well that's me,I have been having deep issues and trying to take about it to someone who won't understand makes it worse.I used to cut my self,cut my wrists,tiny numerous cuts.The pain felt reliving,after it passes I feel terrible about it,so i have marks,fresh & ones that have healed.It's not easy but i guess with each passing day and the support I have,It will get better.Hopefully.

When I die I promise to hunt mother fuckers who Are fucking nasty