I have an addiction to drugs, I can see the way it’s slowly luring me into dependancy. I’m definitely reaching out to alcohol because I would like to think that I’m going through something. I’d think maybe it’s my strained relationship with my dad since we were so close when I was young, or maybe it’s me trying to self sabotage, or maybe it’s depression, coz I actually feel like I’m depressed, maybe it’s losing my source of income and the job did for a moment define me, or maybe I’m afraid of marrying someone who I dearly love but I have this feeling that it may led to divorce. All I know for sure is that I need to get the source of my escapism and work on it immediately before this life consumes me. Kindly let me know where I should start and how will I get myself out of this mess.

I write rap and poetry but I don't like the attention it brings with when you step on a stage.

Hey Guys anyone help I am currently in campus I have been in a long distance relationship for a while now.Of late me and my girlfriend have been quarrelling a lot because she doesn't find time for us and do activities as we used to before.She is not interested in planning for future events for us she always claims to be busy.When we talk about it she says I don't give her time, I try all ways to reconnect but they all end up vain.This leaves me stressed and I don't know what to do because it's kinda sad to be arguing almost every time as I still focus on my studies.

Any advice please or anyone going through the same???

I think my time on earth is practically over.

Lately I've been really thinking and have no motivation whatsoever in life, but am putting up this face where everything is okay but deep down am a wreck. It's been over two months where am just thinking that i should enjoy my days as they come then when I feel like am done or too overwhelmed I can commit suicide, that's like my final solution.

Am a disappointment, i even wish at times that am the one dead instead of this young promising youths dying. I finally said this out loud. Wow! As I write this am not sad,am really comfortable with death and just being at peace with myself.

I’m entering a marriage that is about to be doomed because of pregnancy. I can see the end even before it’s begun.

I am lost. I know what i must do yet i choose not to do it. Its like Im a vessel just going through life. I dont even understand what i feel. Im not sad or happy just there. It feels like the whole world is moving and im stuck but i dont know why? Whats wrong with me? Even basic things like taking a shower is burdensome. Am i crazy? What do i do? What can i do? Why cant i do that that needs to be done? I know it needs to be done? Why is it so hard to do such a simple task? Im just lost. I dont even know if i can be found

I have general anxiety disorder that's weighing me down any thoughts that might be helpful I'll appreciate..

i feel guilty at times. i'm getting married soon but i'm still obsessed to porn, that i masturbate too.

I just want to stop feeling like garbage because of the trust issues I have in my relationship. I'm tired of constantly over thinking everything and I just want to be happy.