I'm about to start smoking cigars because I feel too much pressure in my life but I don't want to depend on hard drugs.

Hello, I'm Naranda and I feel like I'm a slave to my own imaginations. Have you ever been stressed about being stressed. Yaani, the fact that you are stressed makes you more stress. Like you could be handling your shit well, you could be providing light to the world, you could be the one showing your siblings the way. But you are there, worrying about your stress. You worry about it so much that you get high to forget that you're stressed. This is like some second-level stress. I bet there is a third-level one where you worry because you are stressed that you are stressed. Does anyone understand me? I really wanna get out of this situation, but every time I try I make two strides then fall back into the pit. I get high and forget it for a moment. I try to tell myself that everything will be alright. Where do I get the will to make things alright? I just get by. I do the minimal. I don't do what I ought to do! It's life. I'm living in my head! Another day to grow old! Without making any real progress! Sometimes I get out of my body and watch this empty shell of a being, getting through the day, doing the same, tomorrow! You're gonna get out boy! Things are going to be fine. Things are fine!

I'm Chris and i'm a weed addict, been smoking pretty much everyday since 2017. I have noticed it is the cause of 99 problems i'm facing, I get high then lose focus, skip school, fail because I skipped school, blame myself for failing, become depressed for like 1.5 days for blaming myself too much. Other times i just get high and do nothing all day then later feel like shit for wasting time I could have used to do something useful. It has affected my time management and finances but worst affected is my education, thus my need for reform. Idk about my physical or mental health but according to me i'm healthy as fuck, i work out and try to avoid stress. I've told myself "this is the last joint" about 30 billion times. I'm not dependent on weed though bc i'm certain i can function efficiently without it and have never experienced withdrawal symptoms.

I cannot tell my parents, they would die of stroke if they knew. I have 50 billion hobbies but still find time to smoke so telling me to get a hobby or take a walk is pointless.

I'm not here for some secret sauce or instant help, I just want someone to help push the bike while I pedal so I gather enough willpower to continue on my own, like a confidant or support group where we can help each other out of this rut.

Also Vijana tuache mihadarati. Drugs waste time. Use your time to make money or educate yourself, and bring pride to yourself

I suffer from random acute panic attacks and it's really affecting me at work how can I get over them?

How do people deal with child sexual abuse? Is there a way of dealing with it? Anyone who has gotengotten over it?

so where to begin? oh yes.. from the beginning, well this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down. LOL. So it started when my mom died and like a few months later my maternal relatives told me that my dad killed my mom in some domestic violence thingie pretty believable cause he is kinda violent, I knew nothing since mom passed while I was in boarding school. Also while i was processing this I was also told that my dad was not my dad apparently my mom had me earlier before my dad came around and no one ever told me so my whole life was a lie, there was a lot of bad blood for a while but fast forward to now and they are all best friends haha tell me how i can trust either one of them families. got into campus started drinking socially but at some point it became part of me cause i was kind of happy when I was shitfaced. A year later I kind of dropped out didn't tell anyone cause I fear talking to everyone including my family good thin they found out. What they don't know is I am not here anymore, I am done with this life shit cause it's pretty pointless waking up trying to get money spending the money then back to the beginning waiting for death which doesn't seem to come soon enough also for me it includes being socially awkward cause i can't talk to anyone because i'd have to be honest and I don't think I'll ever trust anyone enough to be honest also the reason I've never had a real relationship. Good thing is I'm too scared to take my own life but i accepted the sadness is a part of me and the worst waves are when you had a really good day and you think you can tolerate this shit then it's like "sike bitch you thought??" I make a lot of jokes and smile a lot so people think I'm happy but truth is i left this place with my mom haha.

Hi, I have not been okay with my girlfriend after we lost our unborn baby two months ago...we lost connection and intimacy since then i am really trying to keep it together but i feel like its coming to a dead end...

How do i limit my dependency on alcohol especially over the weekend?That is what i meant by functioning alcoholic

I cut myself. So much that I'm terrified it's getting out of control. One swipe of the razor just doesn't do it for me. It has to be repeatedly. I get this heady feeling whenever I feel the pain. Like I'm on ecstasy or something. . . It started off as an experiment. I had heard about it. How it makes someone feel. . .at peace. Like everything's right in the world.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I'd resolve to selfharm to solve my problems but. . .I did and now I can't stop. It didn't solve anything but I just keep on doing it to forget. Even if it's just for a few seconds.