I got this girl and loved hard. She cheated on m recently and forgave her...I am soo insecure and the fact that she went upcountry for a burial and she is not available. It haw been a day we haven't talked. I want to leave her but looks like I am attached.

I'm overwhelmed at the thought of communicating and talking with the people in my life. I often watch my phone ring off the hook as I ignore call after call and its simply because I don't feel like engaging with anyone. I'm really struggling with this behaviour and even my friends are concerned. I want to get better but I do t even know why I do this in the first place.

i am talking to this guy and I think he is in a relationship and he is just leading me on.. he says he loves me and all that lovvy divvy nonesence.. but last year, before we started talking everyday he came to my inbox saying that the x cheated on him and he is hurt, a day later.. he said ameboeka na he wants to move on with me.. that was verry suspicious but I was already hooked. Now this year when we were hanging out he was verry suspicious with his phone but I managed to see a picture of the girlfriend and him still on his wallpaper. Then on Valentine's he lied to me he was sick , I offered to go see him akakataa. Confronted him akasema atu he is really single and am just paranoid.. but my gut tells me otherwise .I want to cut this guy out of my life but I like him Soo much. When he texts I feel the need to reply , what do I do?

Is it ok to cry when you feel overwhelmed with emotions?am really drowning i need help

i never thought unemployment was this depressing I'm in IT thought it would be easy landing a job but even an internship is so hard I wish I had the capital to start a business or something there's something about just wasting away not sad not unhappy just is.

Kenyan youth are suffering out here

I feel like my parents became too absorbed in their relationship with one another that they forgot to build a relationship with us - at times I feel like I am a stranger in the house ,what should I do?

Hi, how do I deal with Fear towards people, shyness and's really heavy on me.

I’m a really young adult who recently finished high school and joined university. Apart from school stressing me....relationships are stressing me too.Around November last year, my ex and i broke up over something ‘stupid’ From then him and i have been finding it hard to cut each other off our lives. I mean we go too attached and did a lot together so moving on was hard especially sexually. I’m a girl who takes time to open up to someone especially sexually and i got really used to him. We’ve been having a tendency of calling or texting each other randomly then going silent on each other. When we text it ends up being so emotional and we get to tell each other how we still have feelings and how we miss doing stuff together and even miss getting intimate with each other sexually. Sometimes though when we get to talk...we end up arguing then go quiet again. The arguments are never serious though. These routine went on from late November last year to this current month: February. Like I literally still have feelings for him and its hard to let go ....even when I try interact with other men. The problem came up when this Valentine’s he posted a picture of another girl and the date they went on and all those cute stuff. Confirming he’s in a relationship. Two days ago before valentine’s he was busy texting me how he misses me and wants me so bad etc. I was this close to even consider meeting him cause that’s what he wanted. After seeing the valentine’s post, i feel so played, I’ve already hurt enough cause of him that I don’t feel hurt right now, just played and it annoys me. I deleted everything... from his messages to pictures to his contact and unfollowed him on my socials except snapchat cause we are used to sending each other many snaps but don’t talk at all. I’m so pissed that he’s in a relationship yet still told me stuff like he wants me , misses me etc but i still have feelings for him. like i still want him to be my man. I feel so empty and I don’t know how to fully let go of him. My brain tells me to just move on and my heart tells me to hold on for he might still come back and we’ll work things out. This is because I’m still convinced he has feelings for me but just got into a new relationship to get over me. I don’t know what to do ? Any advice especially on how to unlove him and stop thinking about him? Or should i still be patient and wait to see if he’ll come back. I have feelings for him.

I am married with kids, I am the sole bread winner. My wife is unemployed, currently studying for he undergraduate that I dutifully fund, I don't complain. I also opened a business which she runs. I handle the bookkeeping, Tax returns monthly, business is not doing well.

I am also employed, work is crazy, I can work 12hrs without leaving my desk, am normally the first and last one in the office. I have to dash home after work to check on my kids homework etc. My wife has refused to look after this as we disagreed on our kids choice of school (she thinks we're getting a raw deal given the high cost 600k/yr)

I am also tenderpreneur on the side. I hustle for tenders which I get once in a while when I focus. Of course either suffers when I focus on the other. I am also doing my postgraduate degree, I attend lessons twice a week.

Sometimes feel like I can't hack this anymore. Yet again I cannot just sit and do nothing.

My problem is how to deal when you feel your wife is not supportive enough. It's tough being a man