I find myself spending a lot of time alone. I'm either working on something, chilling, watching a movie or just something. I engage with a few close friends but I wish I could with a lot more. I could spend days without talking to people and I'm just fine with that. In fact as I get older I realize it gets more and more peaceful coz I realize people's lives get really busy - work, family and a lot more things.

Me on the other hand I try as much not to get involved in other people's life coz if I do I get lost into it. I have this empathic strength to help people with their problems, even strangers!

So it's like I work on extremes, I'm either very reserved and alone or totally involved in helping out and I only stop when I'm totally drained or if someone stops me. It really worries me. How can I be helped?

Hi, mine is a strange situation. I'm a guy, single and I'm very reserved when it comes to sex. I find myself overthinking about how things can go bad; STIs, pregnancies, complications,....and yet I so badly want to do it. How do I break this mental barrier?

I am so unhappy in my marriage. I don’t believe my husband has ever loved me as he always has extra marital affairs.

My 33 year old brother has spanked me twice now. Even after addressing it he still went ahead and spanked me a second time. I'm 24, I addressed it again the second time it happened and he brushed it off as 'a joke'. How should I handle this, I don't think it's a joke. It's demeaning and a form of sexual harassment, it hurts especially if it's from your brother

I am 31 years a husband with 4 children and a pregnant wife, I am giving up on this life. I took a car loan in 2018 from NCBA bank then NIC. Last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and kidney problems abd he is also a person with disability who walks by use of crutches. So I had to give out my car for 400,000 to help dad with treatment. Then came the Corona pandemic and my business went down. Now my car loan has piled up to 294,000 keeping in mind the same car is at someone's custody for a debt of 400,000... the bank want to auction my car and the person with my car is putting so much pressure on me he wants his 400,000 back. Cost of taking care of my dad is overwhelming us because we visit Kenyatta national hospital 2-4 times a week. It is very unbearable and we giving up. I even moved from a 2 bedroom house to a bed sitter to cut cost but still not working. is my email

Hi I'm really struggling with people using cuss words around me ... I don't know why but it just bothers me so much . I'm in my early twenties and majority of young people I know use cuss words always and it really puts me off and I end up not being interested in socializing and being a loner . Am I weird or something? I just hate it especially when people who matter to me do it . I'm not sure how to handle it especially since it's classified as adult language and I'm already one so naambiangwa niache utoto by my friend's...any advice please it's really bothering me since everywhere I turn it's there.. movies music

Am I the only one who goes from motivated to meh in a matter of days, and then can't even determine why my mood changed? I find myself going into hermit mode at such times and become this angry and afraid person who even I don't recognize, and that ends up affecting my perfomance/engagements in everything

As at now am lonely but I have this thing where when I get too attached to people I get bored at some point,I feel like they are taking up my {me-time}kinda space.its funny how I feel my knowledge and understanding about life is like 💯 but applying it to my life situation?'s beyond me.l'm 25 and like have already set my mind on not getting married or having mind is always running with thoughts..I'm confused for real.please help.

Earned my salary of 97000 on 4th February;less than a week later am damn broke meaning I will have to borrow to survive....paying schools fees and supporting siblings,supporting my mother is really driving me into debts

I am turning 22 this year, had my baby girl early last year (March) and I feel like trush...I don't know where my life is heading and I'm scared that I won't be a good mom once she grows old....I have alot of breakdowns mostly in the morning....I live with my mum and grandma and they love the baby, the father is still involved but I need him to be here for me too....but I always feel like we're a burden and it hurts alot knowing I can't talk to anyone about how I feel