I want out. From lifelong depression, things working against me, finances, live life, family wise. I'm tired. I'm just hanging on I just hope I make it. Either I come out of this horrible disaster called depression, or it sweeps me away. Whichever way, I just want to rest

I'm high school student, day schooler all this days since we closed, It's bad enough when you don't have company of you fellow students it's terrible when you can go to your friends house because of Corona so 150 days of staying at home... With nothing to do. Once I tried to talk with few of my friends on WhatsApp... well now affording bundles is luxury. Never say life can not get any worse because if think you have reached rock bottom your singing a nursery rhyme.

I have so much on my mind i dont even know where to start from. I have a major problem with balancing my life, how to handle things financially, with a very low pay i feel scared of using my pay to do something apart from the basics rent and other bills unfortunately i end up spending the cash on things that are not even important and end up being broke having done nothing constructive ........ Please advice me on financial management

I feel like am losing my mind during this pandemic. I am working from home and hardly leave the house, apart from shopping (which could be twice in a month) and jogging in the mornings. I'm in a long distance relationship which has been working since he comes over monthly, but with the lockdown it becoming straining and we hardly communicate. I am very outgoing/social person. I need a way to cope with this "lifestyle" of staying indoors alone. It is kinda depressing.

Am loosing a 4m 4 leaver never got a chance to middle college experience..from just a middle class in life am just struggling my things uncle keeps on saying am useless koz he took me to a job but it dint even last a year b4 i got sacked.i have a small bussines tht has always been keeping me moving but my uncle or even parents cant fund me to help me boost the first born so i gotta do smthng to lift my family but nothing seems to work.just need a serious person to gve advice.

I feel lost in thoughts

i feel disoriented

i need to get my thoughts together and i don't know how to go about it. Sometimes am happy other days i soak my pillows in tears. Ask me why I don't know. Having lost my mum i've been brought up by my grandma she has been nothing but the best , I love her. After a few years of one of my aunties came to live with us. Fast forward , presently i feel like she used me to get money from grandma because she wouldn't refuse to give anything that i wanted. Hiking prices for services. Once i got a call from her asking me to lie about having to pay school fees which was not required since if you are in a govt sponsered uni. You don't pay per semester. She scooped almost 50k. I thought i was loved and i could see a second mom in her. But i saw myself being used....i always remember that call. I have never received one to ask me how am doing or how is school. I feel used i feel traped in my thoughts. I grew up i've learnt to do things on my own she is not there to use me but every time i recall similar incidences i break down .


I am in mid thirties yet I am yet to know my biological father. I went through hell in the hands of forster father and this inspired me to look for biological father. I asked my mother and has always been reluctant to divulge any details. I asked almost everyone I thought could help me get some information but all in vain. This has really affected me tremendously. Always fighting images of who could be my father's. Also wondering where he is alive. Whether he poor, rich, dark or whether I have step brothers/sisters. Well, I feel hopeless that I can make even a single step towards knowing my source

It's getting really hard to stay at home. I feel caged. It was okay at first but now I feel like I need to have my own time. Have my own schedule. Parents aren't really giving me the space to. I just want one dayw away from home. It's really hard and boring.

As a professional accountant working with the government, a student, a mother, a businesses woman and a wife whose husband got involved in an accident and differed spinal injury, and is currently on a wheel chair, I simply feel over whelmed.