Fuck this platform 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

I feel like death my whole life stolen away from me, as child emotionally abused, Every time I feel like I have a break through the darkness just comes and pulls me down, I have no one I hate my life I hate that people make to be a monster I hate that I can't change who I am maybe the world wouldn't be so cruel, I look of my future and the only thing I see and hope for is death maybe this pecea damn it I can't spell fuckin peace I long for my pain to stop, Why do I have to go through all this my heart has had enough of everything I want an audience with God maybe he can answer my questions maybe he won't, who I am supposed to be when all I ever know is Pain beytral and hate, I tell myself that someday I'll look back and laugh but I don't see that day

Everyday I feel like a failure, I hate myself, I'm always angry and sad. I have pushed away my friends and the girl that really Cares about me. I'm currently jobless because I quit my previous shitty Job. Everyday when I wake up I ask God to grant me my wish to Die a painful death because I'm a useless failure after 4 years wasted in university....I need help in slowly Losing my sanity.

I don't wanna derail the 3weeks progress I have made so far in my cold turkey strategy to quit smoking but daaamn, I'm tempted. I hope I don't succumb to the evil thoughts in my mind right now. The peddler is just three minutes away and I don't know what to do to stop the thoughts. I had a shit day and there aren't a lot of things to distract me. I just want to remind myself how shit I feel the morning after, hoping its enough to stop me from getting out of this house. There are two voices in my head and I hope the right one wins the fight. It's hard people. Good evening.

I a guy and masturbate a lot. Super excessively. I've tried to stop but I always find myself relapsing by the end of the day. It's like a drug I can't do without any longer. Am I the only one like this? 

I'm studying two courses at once and its quite tiring and overwhelming, I get very anxious ,nervous and headaches .whenever I tell my mum she's like you must do this and I can handle it since I'm young but I'm just drained and exhausted,sometimes I cry because I'm trying to understand things but I just can't and It makes me frustrated and stressed

Right now I just feel so overwhelmed. Its not like I've done the worst thing u can think of like broken my dad's TV screen, pregnancy stis or anything. But I've cooked the dog's food wrong n it didn't cook n its two days overdue. I just feel so surrounded. I can't even get time to work on my design career. Living with my folks n my Little One n all the house work. I just feel like the other side is calling me n I'm so scared!

Is there any place in Nairobi that offers group therapy?