How does one overcome a poverty mindset.I make good money(250k) but I still find my mind fixated on the poverty I grew up in....basically it pains me when I spend money;on myself or family e.g I haven’t bought new clothes for myself for the last 2years

i feel stuck

am 28 yrs,, still doing my degre. i have skills but dont know how i can monetize them

Pain is a good thing, it shows that your body is working.

I feel like am tired of living I have anxiety and many negative thoughts I compare myself a lot I wish I could go for therapy but not financially stable I follow mental coaches but nothing is working mostly anxiety is what drains me as I am a quiet melancholic individual.

Nothing in my life seems to be going my way. I was expelled from campus, I keep smoking eating miraa. I have no skills .I used to work as a bartender but not anymore after the pandemic. We have not be paid yet. The money wouldn't last long anyway. I also jerk alot. I have no relationship with my family or friends I have no gf. My cribb is a mess.i struggle always. I was bright once. I also lie a lot. I am shy afraid and insecure Could i have any mental issues.

i think i was sexually molested and i am not okay ,and i think it was more than one person

i too sad

i feel

How do you learn to trust your partner again if in the past they could lie to you with a straight face?

I was once told a lie then on probing further a month later, they owned up to it and said they didn't know how to confront the situation and so they lied about it, then afew months later in separate incidences some facts were misrepresented and in almost all cases I got blindsided by the truth when their phone lit up with a notification as we were having lunch or doing activities together.

Obviously this led to serious arguing and the relationship almost fell apart and they asked for a second chance and things have been fairly quiet since.

I can't tell if they have truly reformed, or they have just gotten better at lying and concealing😞

Please remember that this platform was created to help those dealing with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression etc. This is not the place to look for potential mates, look for a job or financial assistance. It is also not the place to promote your business. Kindly ensure that you maintain the dignity and respect of this platform and try not to diminish its importance to those who really need it. Mental health is a serious issue and very important to all. There are many people out there who really need some assistance. This was a way to reach out and offer assistance.

Women keep saying that they want that perfect romantic relationship, supportive husbands, faithful, mature, but give them that and they will still cheat on you juu ya kitu ndogo eti ndio ufeel they are still worth. Are there any submissive, beautiful and mature women who you can build a real relationship with, and fight for it???. Every lady thinks she can do it but hold your horses you can't!!. looking for one in nairobi -