I went on a soul-searching mission inside myself and realized I am not a social person. I really don't have friends. Most of the time I live in my head, even in a gathering, present physically but mentally alone.. But if you met me you'd think I have a tone of friends.. What's up with that?

2021 has been a roller coaster...big wins ...heavy losses....battling to stay sane and count my blessings

Everything is going south....I happen to understand so many things even my abilities..but wherever life is taking me at the moment is kinda scary....I fear of the unknown.. Especially my future coz am not yet fully independent and job opportunities look all closed

Success and how to take care of my family and parents.. I know and believe that it's a journey but I can't wait to buy mama shopping and probably build a house for her just to say thank you for everything

I am dead , completely dead within i am overwhelmed with emotions

I'm not attracted to her but she has feelings for me. The one I like and want acts as if she's from another planet and of higher class. She ignores me. I hate her. I wish she gets her heart broken. Or meets a guy that treats her like shit!

I've been going through a lot for the past few months,everyone has their opinion on what I should do. I even have these pastors who predicted what was to happen and it did now they have sth new am afraid if I ignore them it may happen again,I don't know what to do am scared,should I believe in them? Maybe its fate or destiny am so confused and scared for my life please help

I feel like if I din't exist my family would have their perfect family & be happy....

Being Jobless n Tonnes of responsibilities, being a first born under immense pressure. Feel like a swallowed bug, pressure may lead me to scoop Low. My spouse walked out with my daughter... Mayhem

Been dating for 3yrs with guy A and there's literally nothing I can say we have achieved for ourselves. All we been doing is drugs and having fun. Then there's guy B whom I've known for like a month or 2. I low-key have strong feelings towards him. He what's me to give him a daughter and he wants us to settle. What should I do cause I don't wanna hurt either of them.