why is it that no one is responding to this issues i have posted several post but get 0 replies

Am a 23 year old man and am prone to depression and depressive state even when among friends this is not good for me cause my dull mood chases away company. I need help aki this cycle is causing me pain and lonelyness

Missing my sister, if all my tears could bring her back. At times i don't want to be here anymore.

Hello.... I have being into relationships where I meet someone maybe he has a crush or interested in me so I get into a relationship with him. Once we have had sex I ghost them or push them away through telling them bad things about me or sometimes I have a mental breakdown so sereve that they dont even bother with me again. So I end up okay for a few months then greatly depressed after 4 to 5 months and get so much into masturbating and porn. So why this has been happening I got the answer early February when I hit my head against the wall so had that I blacked out. The person who was with me told me I was shaking uncontrollably and crying so hard until he was about to take me to the hospital. I felt fine for a few days until some things started to happen. I started to remember some bad memories that happened wen I was younger like my abusive father beating my mum almost to death. One of the things I remembered was I was defiled by my brother who was in high school. I felt so bad about myself as why I have being doing this and blaming my exes for the damage. I felt guilty for having sex and masturbating so I push people away then I push people away. I didn't know that was because of sexual abuse. I felt bad and still feel bad for what I did to those exes. Now i don't know how to approach sex as a way of pleasure, then I only know how to pleasure myself which as for now its becoming an addiction and am scared of sex. When I feel stressed or angry I use porn to masturbate. It's becoming tough to stop coz I have so many relapses that am afraid that I won't be able to have sex again. Please help

hello,i recently lost my job and i had a boyfriend but we were okey before i lost my job now hes different i hav caught him cheating a few times and i forgave him but now am back to work and hes even different i caught him with his baby mama and he ignored me like i didnt exist it really hurts becuase he has put me through alot of pain and stress several months now i cant sleep i take piriton to get sleep but they also dont work...i really want to get him out of my system completely because hes playing a big role in adding me stress and pain.he says he loves me but this is not love...i love him too genuinely but i guess i was hanged up on the fact that a woman should endure all in a relationship now i need help how to get rid of him completely

Hi i have broken up with my ex 1 year ago he keeps coming back to my life when convent and i always find myself going back then when he meets his baby mama he forgets i exist then comes back running again how can i get rid of him honestly he made me go through alot of stress left my job for him and yet he still wants to use me i need help to let go

I have not slept in a couple of weeks and it is weighing me down. I am working to make ends meet but my parents think i am just playing around and this should look for a job. They think that i can never do anything correctly and that they should tell me what to do. I am an adult but my mum especially, wants to run my life. Any money I make she feels should be spent on her. She tells everyone that i am just sitted at home waiting for her to feed me. I have resorted to keeping quiet to just maintain the peace, though this hurts me inside. I am not well but I can't even mention coz it makes no difference if I did or not. I just want to move out of home and get my own place and have peace of mind and heart. My heart is constantly pulsating coz I live in fear of what might be said. This is the worst feeling to be honest. Living in fear at home where you are meant to be free and open. I don't have a space to freely express myself. So many thinks have been said to me that i can't even repeat coz they are nasty and should never be told to a child by a parent.

How the hell is it September? I feel like the year just flew by while I was sleeping or something. I've been battling depression for pretty much the bigger part of the year and it's only recently that I've started becoming aware of myself and my surroundings. It's like I fell asleep in January and just woke up the other day. While I'm glad I've woken up, it's sad to think about how much time I wasted in 'cryosleep.' I'm not going into details about my depression but I just want y'all to know that it's possible to fall asleep and watch life pass you by as you completely do nothing. You neither have the energy nor the will do something. Everything that's important loses meaning. However long that sleep takes, you're gonna wake up some day. I really hope I don't go back there. I just wanted to share this. Good day strangers.

Im carrying alot of resentment in my life and i feel like its transforming me into a monster.