Holidays are almost here.Introverts and social awkward let's plan a trip to Coast kkiinngg.solomon@gmail

Hi , I feel alone and sometimes wonder why I was created this way . I'm VERY introverted ( INFJ to be specific , took personality test as I sought answers) I've always been the odd one out, I never fit into groups. Niko campus and I can't take it anymore. My worst times are when we're told to group up or for practicals and people group up and you're left there alone. With a brave face but deep down I need a friend.

Anxiety and self-esteem are also a BIG problem. I would like to one day get out and go to the shop without my heart beating a million times and worrying about what a million things.

I'm also not studying the course I wanted so I'm really struggling to motivate myself to read it. My dream is to be a sports analyst/ journalist but I'm not good with people! 😪

I'm really struggling , I'd like to know if there are people out there like me ? How did you deal with this in your youth ?

When will this end ?

5.10.2021: Whatever you're going through right now and wherever you are in this journey of life, just know that you wouldn't be here if God didn't intend you to be here. You still have purpose and a great life ahead of you. Don't allow the troubles of today to make you think otherwise. You will get through this and emerge stronger on the other end. Blessings!

Hallo there

Am a painter but am slow at my work n it's making me being laid off on some projects, I know how to paint good even the supervisors tell me but my speed is making me seen otherwise...what can I do please am stressed

I think I'm loosing it, loneliness coupled with lack of confidence and being stuck in the same environment everyday with pressure from my parents is driving me crazy.i find myself talking alone to even cracking jokes and laughing alone at times. I feel that my life has stagnated for so long an with the world moving on so quickly it makes me feel totally clueless and confused.. sometimes I can't help but think that maybe I wasn't built for this life.i keep questioning my every move and every day that goes on my threshold for failure keeps coming down.

am struggling with acceptance, so

much is happening and it’s leaving me drained and hopeless 😔

I don’t know how to be selfish without it weighing me down and feeling bad about myself, my circle of people are selfish and whenever I voice my concerns am shutdown being called crazy and imagining things

People who anonymously harass should be banned and others who make fun of the victim

Arrrgh💔💔💔 chest pains..... friendships, financial stability, being yourself , achieving your dreams.....🥺 The list never ends, I hope things will get better in future

I recently just realized something about myself. I know everyone is busy with adulting and stuff, maybe I am still wrapping my head around it. But I noticed that I swing to the extreme opposite when plans get cancelled. It hits me pretty hard. Maybe I just want to feel like someone is willing to invest the same energy I am putting in. I also realized that i need to work my way out of my shell, and put myself out there more. I got so comfortable with the notion that if you dont invest time and energy in me, I will also do the same. Should i keep living by this, or am i just being naive? Other than work and colleagues, I realized i could end up not getting calls or hearing a friend's voice for up to a week. I always have to make the initiative, and it honestly feels one-sided. I used to reach out to my friends all the time, I found myself initiating most conversations, but when i stopped, my WhatsApp has never been so dry before. Maybe i just need to find new friends and explore new places. But being the introvert that I am, this is going to be tough.

Hi there, I feel empty, I feel lost, I feel out of sorts. I have realised that I have a 'flight' problem. Whenever my partner and I fight, in my rage I'm always swift to end things. I have struggled with this in my previous relationships but it's now come to a head. I want to stop this behaviour because it's bringing more strife in my relationship.