I hate my in-laws!!! I mean I’m no saint but gosh the way I’ve been treated....honestly all I’ve ever had is good intentions with them & ive always tried to impress & be accepted but they ALWAYS Have something negative to say over the pettiest of things,and it’s not even to my face nobody has ever pulled me aside and mentioned whatever has “offended “them and I’ve been with my man for about 7 years so....,,,the mum is just a manipulative attention seeker and the sister is just a spoiled brat!!!!I am tired I always end up feeling like shit about myself and drained after interacting with them

Hello. I am 32 years old and recently moved in with a friend who is slightly older than me. I always felt like the friend was the best I could ever ask for but living together has only gone to expose the real person.

Always in the negative and interjecting everything I share. Saying its not possible or it can't work. The friend in question can never speak to people of low incomes or jobs. Speaks English always and pretends not to know Kiswahili or any other language.

Always demeaning people. Can never do anything for you. Never cooks at home or can't but readily eats when I do.

I am currently seeing someone but the friend doesn't like me dating and wants me to be single like they are. Never approved of my love nor my partner

I want to move away and be on my own where I can affirm my small wins.

Is it OK to kill the friendship?

Hi I am a 27 year old woman I have one child a boy I have been married for 7years now am unemployed I have always appreciate of jobs ever year and ever year I don't get call on any it so disappoint cause I do need a job to help out cause am the first born,so back to my marriage I found out my husband has been cheating on me with a friend and I confronted bother of them and the said I was over thinking but dip down I always knew it but I always come and told my hubby how I feel about both of them so when I got some screenshots in my hubby's phone he give me a lem story but what could have done so I went on ask crying all night no one to run so I kept it to myself I use to cry every night till I got sick I tried killing myself like 4 times but I never got the stranger to go through with it am afraid to live cause he is a good father to our son and I can't go back home so I feel like my life has nothing to offer anymore, the man I love doesn't care what I think or what is going on am so tied with this life 😭😭

I wonder if I died today anyone would miss me

I feel lonely or perhaps no wants me, apart from LCD

My mum suffers from schizophrenia. To give you a back story she experienced domestic violence from my dad when me and my three brothers were young which until today I can remember those incidences. She is not in good talking terms with her sister and brothers or anybody from ushago as she keeps referencing them to be the cause of the past incidents.She is supposed to take medication and attend a psychiatric clinic which she doesn't do and if i bring up the issue to her she becomes defensive and warns me to shun off talking about that to her. How do I help her because I am overwhelmed

I don’t know why I’m writing this here, but I’m just about to lose it. I’ve reached my expiration date. There seems to be no conceivable solution at this point. It’s funny how we need to muster up courage to take that final step - as if we have any left. Sometimes, one just has to make a decision, and call it quits. So that’s it. I’m done.

I slept at my girlfriend house and in the morning she didn't give me money for transport.. I don't understand😡

Hi i'm 18 and i have too frequent mood changes I can be super happy then the other minute i'm super sad.I cry very frequently for no particular reason and smoking marijuana seems too ease it all and make me relaxed

Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time?