I'm studying two courses at once and its quite tiring and overwhelming, I get very anxious ,nervous and headaches .whenever I tell my mum she's like you must do this and I can handle it since I'm young but I'm just drained and exhausted,sometimes I cry because I'm trying to understand things but I just can't and It makes me frustrated and stressed

Right now I just feel so overwhelmed. Its not like I've done the worst thing u can think of like broken my dad's TV screen, pregnancy stis or anything. But I've cooked the dog's food wrong n it didn't cook n its two days overdue. I just feel so surrounded. I can't even get time to work on my design career. Living with my folks n my Little One n all the house work. I just feel like the other side is calling me n I'm so scared!

Is there any place in Nairobi that offers group therapy?

Hey, anybody who has been trying to stop smoking weed unsuccessfully like I do ? I've read that in order for me to get thru with this, it's important to have an accountability partner to help you through the journey. Well, since I didn't have one, I'm looking for guys with the same problem as me, tulink at least tupeane motivation ya kuquit !!...Please let's nduthis together. If willing, please comment..

Mine is on relationships and the life in it

I'm in early 30s and like most of my close friends are either dating, in relationship, in a relationship with a baby, engaged, married or married with kids. I'm in my early 30s. On the other hand have been rejected like 90% of the times. The longest I have been in a relationship is like 4 months. My most recent date was fun to start with. We met online, chat for a couple of weeks then had a 1st date. It was terrific.

After a couple of days after started going quiet. On and off responses. Then the calls went quiet until finally it got to blue ticks and voice mail cues. I don't know if I've been dumped or what's happening?

Anyway, it's getting tougher for me to date now. I'm even thinking like maybe I'm not cut out for this coz the streak of loses is too much!

Conversations with my peers are now getting more awkward like they could be talking about parenting or building a bigger home for their family or insurance, kids school fees, best options for soko......Yani hakuna hata place naweza kuchangia!? Forging new friendships in this day and age is also not easy; everyone is busy with something......argh!

Is it just me going through all these thoughts ama? What to do?

I think of myself as this useless dude...nothing to offer in life

I am so tired of life...I'm constantly sad and I had started believing that that's just how I am. I am supposed to be passing in school but I'm I'm failing the easy units which makes me wonder how I'll manage the tough ones. I started off so many things with people but somehow we left each other in the middle and now they are doing so much better than me. I know people say that you should try the gym or maybe try drinking water or waking up early while you feel better but i dont even have the energy for that. I can't sustain a relationship. I expect too much then get bored too easily. I'm just not content with anything..sometimes I feel like I wont be able to have a good relationship with my partner because I've been taught not to trust anyone literally. Everything is so messed up. I want to cry but for some reason I dont have the tears. Just that heavy feeling in my heart.

Every day I lay out a plan to kill myself...then if I haven't harmed myself by midday I celebrate with vodka...

I have never given 100% to anything in my life. Throughout school and college, I was able to just coast through life but now that I am entering the job market, this is a serious weakness. I always attributed my apathy to human weakness and laziness but I am starting to think it is not that simple. I recently read up on inattentive ADHD (ADD) and I exhibit all of the major symptoms. Maybe the reason I could never give my all is that I am not capable of it. Where can I find help for this disorder?