I'm anxious about the future. I feel so disappointed in myself. I also feel like I'm making all the wrong choices and I don't know how to stop.

I feel I'm not sure what to do about myself since I'm torn in between taking care of my home and achieving my dreams elsewhere. Please help.

I feel stuck and depressed about being jobless

They should take their stupid little games to hell

I'm currently having this issue where I've been so resentful towards my mum. I sometimes give her an attitude when she tries to be affectionate or try to baby me. It just doesn't sit right with me because I just started living with her, we've never had a relationship since I was a toddler because my dad has been the one taking care of me. I'm closer to him. I'm finding it very had to let down my walls and let my mum in because I find her annoying and I usually have so many questions of why she left me to be taken care of my dad and I see mothers who would do anyting for their children. Her trying to make up for the lost time just annoys me, making me have an attitude then later on I'm left feeling guilty as to why I treated her like that.

Please help.

Is there a reason why one should get married.I see married women and men cheating on each other as if it’s normal.are there faithful people out confused

Feeling like a failure in life. Every aspect of my life ie social, financial, professional is in shambles. My anxiety has become crippling and I find no joy in anything. Time is catching up with me and I feel lost. I just want a win. Even just one.

I've been feeling stuck lately. I can't really feel as if I'm doing anything right in my life or if anything is actually going right. Sometimes I feel like I'm overly reacting and maybe I should stop being petty. I have goals I want to achieve but I really don't know if I'm getting anywhere or if I'm doing what it takes; everything time it seems I'm 20steps behind. On the other hand, I can see my peers it seems they have their lives together. Relationship wise, nothing seems to work also. I'm trying to grow, spiritually; I crave for that connection with God but mostly I feel damned to receive grace.most of the time I feel like it's just my mom's prayers that keep me afloat. Physically I want to lose weight, I don't have much issue with my body but sometimes I think maybe if I lost a kg or two things would go better. I crave for change but I don't know where to start

For more than 3 years i have been drinking alot i run chain of businesses but lately i dont like the way i drink, and i wont want alcohol to ruin my dreams, i have friends with money and i get influence so easy we plan for road trips alot,and (remember the danger of driving under influence of alcohol) help me stop this, we have risked our lives several.if i could get a dose that can keep me away from alcohol kindly help