This one goes to guys and ladies in relationships;

Can relationships run without money?

How do you handle money in relationships?

What's your own experience about money in relationships?

I have been sad lately everything in my life seem to work out I feel rejected with so many debts lately I feel suicidal I am in passive stage where you wish something happens to you and you are gone, I feel like am moving to active stage of trying am totally tired and lost...

I miss having great talks

I really like this guy. I melt when I see him. I love seeing him at work, I love meeting him on the corridors but I have to act like I feel nothing, idk. We met at my place around 3weeks ago and we kissed and I can't get over it. He hasn't said anything after that but he's all I think about, I even literally dream with him. I don't want to say anything to him because I don't want to sabotage it and he's the man he should take the lead. I don't know how he feels about me and I'm so scared I'm so in love with him. It literally scares me. I wish he said something or asked me out or asked me to be his.

For some reason people don't like me. In fact I'm usually ignored. I accepted my loneliness a long time ago. But as of late something has shifted. I'm craving for someone. Just one. To share my life with. But I've been alone so long I don't even have the confidence to hit on girls. Plus campus girls seem like a whole load of work. But my search continues. Till I find that one girl.

We all have a hunger

I recently lost my sister in a very sudden death she was my everything my best friend my support system I really don't know how to let go ...I have buried myself in work but it doesn't seem to help at all. I need help I feel depressed...

Any lady who would be willing to show a short,broke, depressed, kinda ugly 22 year old dude some love?

I have been feeling so sad lately, I even skipped class today. nothing makes sense, I keep sabotaging relationships even intentional ones.

I'm desperate for love but I've been rejected so much that I quit on finding a girlfriend. I don't understand why but I seem to turn off women