I am so depressed that i might amount to nothing in life. I moved back home and i dont even have the confidence, energy or motivation to look for a job. I am stressed and i think its affecting my health because there are times i just feel like fainting but it never happens. Only thing in my life is my family. Nothing else. No job, friends or love life

I am in a relationship with a man I love who lives in another town. He is emotionally unavailable sometimes and I found myself connecting with an another man. I have had sex with this man but we ended things. I just worry that my lust will come back. I love my boyboyfriend and will really try to work on us. The guilt just gets so heavy somesometimes because I also wonder if he has somebody else.

Hi there,

i don’t know where to start but I know something’s not right. I am not really motivated after to wake up each day as in there’s nothing that pulls me apart from the fact that it’s  the norm. I am not really happy, I have been out o work for awhile yet I am qualified and have been searching for awhile. There are people who do nothing and things go their way and her I just want the bare be happy..but I am not. Very bad thoughts have crossed my mind but the only reason I haven’t gone through wit( them is coz of the impact it will have on my family and I don’t want to hurt them but most times I feel like there’s no point in life, I mean we are born, we live we die, it’s just a cycle so where would th problem be in cutting it short..I could be borderline depressed if not depressed.


Great initiative Capital. Kudos.

I see lots of people who need help here. I run a mental health charity PDO kenya where we provide free services.

Best wishes

It's almost like you have taken the words out of my head. This is my last week at my job - I'm a qualified scientist working at a racist institution who did their very best to frustrate my every effort - including giving me an unqualified foreign (not Chinese) boss. I feel so anxious  but I could not remain there being mistreated. I spend many days in bed ... and just depressed because of the harassment I encountered and that they can get away with what they have done.I think that I am border bipolar - and I just feel lost and ;isolated. 

I've suffered depression for years. Felt misunderstood, alone and always wrong. So i left my job as an advertising copywriter. Now, i need a job because the anxiety and feelings of worthlessness have made a home in me. I am lost

Raising 3 kids under 5 years  is not a joke. Especially when you are at the peak of your career and you are torn between having a family or just continue living your life. Anyway I made my decision and the best decision yet. I never new about postpartum depression until I faced it head on. The mixed feelings that are emotionally, spiritually and physically draining. The mood swings that can drive your thoughts up the wall. Fear of the unknown to the point you find it hard to pray thinking God has disowned you. But speaking about it and reaching out really helped to atleast get out of the constant thoughts that consume you to a point you don't know who you are anymore. Still healing. Still talking. Still here. 

I'm a mom obce again,and for the last teo years I have suffered two major impact on my life, I lost my mom in 2017 ,then found out I'm pregnant and my newborn was kept in NICU for a whole month,now sgess four months. I have been having suicide thoughts and it tearing me up