Does anyone ever feel like people hate them for absolutely no reason? They might treat people around you better but not you, say hi to everyone else in the room except you? It hurts so bad.

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Hey sorry for that. Some people are just mean and it shouldn't matter what they think about you. Maybe they're closer to the other person and there's an awkwardness between you Maybe they're just mean maybe they think you have a not very welcoming face . Either way it shouldn't bother you as you can't control their opinions about you

Them hating you reflects more about who they are and not who you are.

Let the hate you feel not be your reality but your perception...(which may also be flawed)

Trust me, they dont even have the energy to hate you or even think about you. People have so many issues going on with them. They are more interested in themselves and their issues than making you feel loved or appreciated.