Whoever is reading this and is going through a rough time...I know it feels like there is no progress in your feel as if no one cares about feel like you don't fit feel like you did unforgivable feel like you don't deserve to be feel like you have a problem or you're not like every other person you see...or you keep asking yourself why me..I just want you to know that you are not alone on many people suffer silently they may smile and show everyone they are okay but deep down they are struggling...please don't harm yourself...please don't end your still have a purpose to fulfill...God,Allah,the Universe,Angels whoever or whatever you believe in are watching over are just don't know it but in a few weeks..months or years all this will just be a story you'll be sharing with the people that need help gets better please don't give up and if you need to talk just tell me or share your story many people care about you here don't suffer in silence

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It will pass. You may not know how but it will surely pass and become a story. How many times have we been at moment we thought were lowest? You couldn't see a way out. But somehow things worked out. Believe that things will always work out even in moments you do not see clear trajectory.

thank you for this..