I am a Christian man. My wife if 2 yrs doednt give me sex. Only if I ask. So av lost interest. She doesn’t want to take contraceptives n spoil her body. Tried to talk and she presents it like am selfish for asking that. Ad like to live a pure life but now I have resulted to porn which is changing even my likes for women. Now finding myself attracted to mature bbw or thick women who can satisfy a man. Ad like to hear your thoughts.
  Published  23rd May 2020 at 12:21 am
Dr. Mary RunoA Specialist in Special Needs-USIU
I do sympathize with your situation my brother and what are going through as a husband. Perhaps your wife is going through some issues that you are not aware of. Is she also a Christian? The institution of marriage is accomplished by having a physical intimacy and loving one another. You may need to talk to a marriage counsellor, but for now I would like to point out on what you are engaging yourself with which may be me quite dangerous and an uphill to come out. It will affect your Christianity even when you want to remain pure. Once you get into watching porn, much other behaviour may result from watching such videos. It will definitely affect both your faith and personality. You may also be endangering your health. Being a Christian, you should not lose faith in God.
About your wife, we hope she will finally know her obligation as a wife. Have you tried to appreciate her by bring her a gift on matter how small it may be? 

  Published  23rd May 2020 at 6:07 pm