I'm Chris and i'm a weed addict, been smoking pretty much everyday since 2017. I have noticed it is the cause of 99 problems i'm facing, I get high then lose focus, skip school, fail because I skipped school, blame myself for failing, become depressed for like 1.5 days for blaming myself too much. Other times i just get high and do nothing all day then later feel like shit for wasting time I could have used to do something useful. It has affected my time management and finances but worst affected is my education, thus my need for reform. Idk about my physical or mental health but according to me i'm healthy as fuck, i work out and try to avoid stress. I've told myself "this is the last joint" about 30 billion times. I'm not dependent on weed though bc i'm certain i can function efficiently without it and have never experienced withdrawal symptoms.

I cannot tell my parents, they would die of stroke if they knew. I have 50 billion hobbies but still find time to smoke so telling me to get a hobby or take a walk is pointless.

I'm not here for some secret sauce or instant help, I just want someone to help push the bike while I pedal so I gather enough willpower to continue on my own, like a confidant or support group where we can help each other out of this rut.

Also Vijana tuache mihadarati. Drugs waste time. Use your time to make money or educate yourself, and bring pride to yourself

  Published  8th Aug 2019 at 11:48 pm

Hi Chris,

I would first of all like to commend you for speaking out about his matter. I also note that you have insight into the lossed that have happened in your life courtesy of using as well tried before to cut down on this behavior on your own. i totally understand the position you are talking about, where there is a will but you keep slipping and falling sometimes and it breaks your hert because you are trying to fix something that seems not to be getting fixed.

I would encourage you to have a word with one of your parents so that they can help facilitate you to get the care that you need. To be honest having a confidant and a support group and a buddy system even deciding to have your holidays at the hometown, the village amy work but only for so lon. Addiction is a disease and it makes you very powerless to the behavior or drug of choice. Professional help would be the best possible plan of action on this particular situation Chris. That way you will be evaluated to understand the addiction and equipped fully with tools to deal with it. Call us up for a deeper conversation about this on any of the following lines:0733778609/0729359501/ 0202711596/0738499124.

  Published  9th Aug 2019 at 4:44 pm

Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing. I just wanna let you know that you are not alone. It's like you've described my situation. I waste a lot of useful time. And you know the way it makes important things non-important! When I think of the 99 problems I have because of weed, I smoke to forget them and tell myself, that's gonna be the last joint I light. I wake up the next day, cheerful, ready for face 98 problems but at the of the day, you just can't help but get that one joint. Just like you, I know I can do without it. I know my life would be better without it. But somehow, I find myself going back to the peddler.

I have stopped smoking a number of occasions but I've never been fully successful. I would stop for a week, everything is great, I eat well, I work out, I'm in touch with my people. Then I'd go get one, and then another one tomorrow. I'm really determined to stop. I know I'll stop. Tuache mihadharati! Cheers mate.


  Published  9th Aug 2019 at 5:30 pm

Hi Blue, Thanks for responding, i'll make sure to contact you asap.

Hi Naranda, I've been clean 2 weeks during exam period and I actually thought i was going to slip back to using abusing after my exams but mother nature has other plans for me, my dealers didn't pick up my calls lol... thank God i guess? I've been using tea whenever i feel like smoking, it's not the same but at least tea doesn't cloud my judgement and make me paranoid. I guess my journey with weed ends here?

  Published  10th Aug 2019 at 4:11 am

Good luck buddy. I hope my journey has with weed has ended too.

  Published  10th Aug 2019 at 4:29 pm

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  Published  21st Aug 2019 at 5:50 pm