Am  i the only one who is cutting out friends in started in late last year but still... Nothing wrong with it is i think my bff gotta go to and now am just lonely as fuck... At the same time don't wonna make new friends either! 

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It's good you recognised that you have to cut off some of your friends. I know it can get lonely but trust me, it is be better to be alone than with people who will never put you first. For the meantime,focus on yourself and your own happiness and am hopefully you will meet real friends along the way. 

I think you are on the right path and I want to affirm you for making this decision to cut off or separate from certain people.In this journey of life,we go through many experiences that shape us and mould us.These experiences make us  realise that life is about seasons and not everybody will be useful in the different seasons of our lives.because certain things that brought us together may not be useful in this new season.Yes,it can be lonely but it's worth it.

Thanks guys