where do guys go to be taught on how to be dad died when I was 6 years and have had no role I have 3.9 year old boy and am just clueless.please help

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Just be there man. Listen, play with him, and tell him stories. The most important thing is to be there. You will soon find out that you will learn from him more than you will teach him.

The best thing is always to be there for your boy.., spend time together always be real and he will be always be proud of you.

The fact that you ask this question means you're willing to intentionally father him. That's beautiful. Be present that's what I'd say. Connect with him and be around a network of intentional dads like you. There's really no blueprint to raising a unique human. I'd also plug therapy here, to unpack the loss of your father and how it affects the way you show up to the world and to your son. Sending Love & Light