I have an addiction to drugs, I can see the way it’s slowly luring me into dependancy. I’m definitely reaching out to alcohol because I would like to think that I’m going through something. I’d think maybe it’s my strained relationship with my dad since we were so close when I was young, or maybe it’s me trying to self sabotage, or maybe it’s depression, coz I actually feel like I’m depressed, maybe it’s losing my source of income and the job did for a moment define me, or maybe I’m afraid of marrying someone who I dearly love but I have this feeling that it may led to divorce. All I know for sure is that I need to get the source of my escapism and work on it immediately before this life consumes me. Kindly let me know where I should start and how will I get myself out of this mess.

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Well, you can always channel the escapist energy to a gym membership. Sometimes exercise and healthy foods help abit

I actually will. Thank you.