My life is a mess, i'm in my last year of campus, I was supposed to be my father's saving grace, since my sisters before me didn't finish school, they all got pregnant.But I also got pregnant, and there's no waking moment that i'm not reminded how much of a disapointment I am. Now I can't even finish school. Everyone stopped supporting us, I can't get a job, because I have anxiety disorders and I can't hold proper conversations..I'm sooo tired, I'm at the verge of just giving up. But I can't, and that's even worse...

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Sweetheart, I can only imagine what you are going through and the fact that you feel so hopeless right now, lemme remind you that you are a working progress and nothing just happens. You need to look beyond the negativity of everything you are experiencing and start seeing some good. The child you have could be a blessing in so many ways. And the fact that your sisters got pregnant also and you did, that doesn’t mean it’s the end. You can change the narrative. This is your opportunity to change and thrive. Although your schooling options are limited, you can start by getting a job and work your way to the top. Put in hard work, remember a life is now depending on you. Right now dear, YOU HAVE TO RISE! You have to fight and purpose on changing the narrative. 

Start by looking at what’s possible at the moment, work around it. Make changes where you can and let the universe sort the rest out. You can’t worry over things you have absolutely no control over. Do what you can for now, exhaustively. 


Hang in there. Even after this storm, your sun will shine 



hang in there. im in my last year of campus too, stuggling with anxiety and suicidal thoughts. this storm will pass. its hard.


I got preganat while in campus and even if my parents stoped paying my school fee and my dad stopped talking to me, I never gave up....I struggled wo finish school though it took longer...I strugllged to raise my sone alone...I kept praying to God and crying to him. I can now travel to any country I want. I built a house for my parents...Take heart...Its just a season..Just forcus on your goal..Getting pregnant is not the end of teh world..You will be smilling one day when you are in your 30th s and your child is all grown...You are blessed more than you know....