I feel like I over do things but still feel like I am never enough for anyone. Lately this has been eating me up, making feel like I'm shit and that I don't deserve anything. I have been feeling like I am such a failure, even when my business is good and I'm even closing grand deals. Heck at 26 in even starting to secure my own beach house but no! I feel like literally everyone is better than me! I want out!


I hate being JUST average! I hate being that girl people assume all is well with her. I hate being me right now.

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That's how I used to feel at times... Like this 19 year old girl who is never noticed and Really unappreciated and it's like every effort you make there's no appreciation. But one thing I learnt is there's nothing like perfection and if you rely on the world to appreciate and love you then you're up for some big dissapointment... Believe in yourself even at your worst and that's what will make you grow and make it big in life.

You are doing great girl. Start by having an appreciation board, where you write everything you are grateful for. Remember to love yourself. Its not about everyone else. Its about you, and you being enough for you. All the best

Let me be simple and straight to the point. Stop comparing your life to others coz that will not help you in anything. There will always be someone better than you, Good Looking than you, Smarter than you, Richer than you.. All you have to do is be better than the person staring back a the mirror n thats you.. Begin to love yourself.. Thats the first step towards anything & the rest will follow.. I do wish you the best..

You say you hate being average. Seems like you're looking for perfection which does not exist. You are enough. There are also negative beliefs which you have internalised over time "I am NEVER ENOUGH FOR ANYONE' those are very powerful words. Can you challenge thses words with a positive affirmation? What has led you to internalise this belief? Is it something someone told you? Is it something you did and havent been able to forgive yourself? "Ifeel like such a FAILURE" challenge your mind. What situations in your life prove that you are a failure? Challenge these negative beliefs. they probably are not true.