What is love?

Few years ago i was in love, we had amazing times together. We had sex couple of times but coz of my ex behaviors we decided to get tested. Turns out i was ok and + was my love... Should have ended it thea, but i consider myself a good guy. Stuck with her, we got thru it with   somany up and downs. Everything was rosy and heck she got pregnant. What a joy a baby can bring. Then it hit me, she is +, and my baby is on meds frm day one. That shit still hurts. Baby is fine thou, negative and all. But our marriage is on the rocks and the worst thing is she doesn't know it. I cheated to deal with the anxiety, the stress. Sunk into depression for a while. I resent and regret ths marriage. I had an option of bn an active baby daddy, but i didn't thnk then ths shiet will haunt me for so long. I don't enjoy sex with her   more and the worst part of all ths is she has no clue or maybe she suspects and can't say a word. What do i do

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When you regret your selflessness, it feels like no good you do can be repayed. You start to get disillusioned, what you feel is normal and expected.

Moment such as these are what separate ordinary men from extra ordinary ones. If you can find it in yourself to hold it together or have a very amicable separation, you will continue to shine as a hero.

Real issues.

What do you want? Once you know what you want then you can decide what to do. If you decide it is worth it to work it out, seek out someone who can help, like an experienced marriage counsellor.

Whatever you decide, make sure it is in the best interest of the baby and perhaps talk to someone you respect about it before you take the dive. That is if you strongly believe that you are done.

Keep being a good guy, the world needs more of you.

Thanks guys

A very small group knows about us statuses and we plan to keep it that way. Thats why am here coz yall have no idea who i am.  Thea is a way out but am scared of initiating it and i don't think she can handle herself without me. She once tried to commit suicide coz of telling her how i felt. Can only imagine she will go thru it if we separate.