hy im am 29 years old i still am in university.i had surgery for brain tumour twice then i had to undergo chemotherapy,after that we had to move alot from one place to another due to this alot of time has been wasted.i tried to get job but without a degree i cant one, im so frustuated dnt wht to do

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There is a way song lyrics talk more than our words can, listen to "Through it all" by Jentezen Franklin and the old hymn "It is well"


You can start late and still succeed. There's no deadline to dreams. I am so sorry for the things you've gond through and I am so proud of you for what you've had to overcome. Success is also measured by the challenges we've had o overcome. Recommit yourself to your goals, finish uni and start applying. You've come this far and you are badasbadass

Proud of you for being here to post it, it means you made it. You can always start somewhere, even if it is a diploma in something you like then you build it up. If you are unable to get a job, a little internship time in the area you want to work in can give you mileage. Best of luck and I wish you well.

I admire your strength . You have been through so much and yet you are here. I know you have not come all this way to give up. Hang in there. Go to school and finish your studies then start applying for a job. Dont let troubles of life pressure you into a dark space. Trust the timing in your life. I wish you the best and I'm praying for you right now. More grace!