I am finding it hard to stop masturbation and a weed addiction. Masturbation gives me a feeling of guilt and the weed helps me get over it. My sexual health is deteriorating and I am getting concerned but on one side am struggling with a 10-year addiction, the other side gives me a short term solution. Practically I wanna stop masturbation.

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First you need to tell yourself never to smoke weed which often heightens or brings out your fears. I myself used to smoke started in high school and from last year December to date sijawahi vuta plus addiction to bhang is way easy to stop compared to other drugs also with masturbation whenever you feel the urge massages your balls so as to channel that energy to your brain, google about sex energy, tena if you dont know masturbating makes one to have anxiety, depression pia keep yourself busy through reading the Bible and books. Hope these helps you, all the best

im not sure whether op will see my answer this late..but i realised first hand the way to beat masturbation is mental..develop a bad attitude toward it..think of it as something that doesnt add anything to your that long enough..? youll eventually overcome the urge ot masturbate