I’m fwelding very stressed at work at the moment. My boss always seems to rubbish whatever I do. We have been working together for around 2 months now and every effort I make She always seems to ignore and this is making me get frustrated. What can I do to deal with this and ensure that I stay motivated because i feel like this will start affecting my productivity at work. She also says thatshe will give me work or that we will meet and she’s never follows through with these things. What can I do to deal with this situation? Ive tried to stay calm but it’s driving me up the wall now...

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Hallo, I empathize with the situation you find yourself in. I would advice to shift the focus from your boss, to yourself and your work.  When you shift the focus to yourself and pay less attention to what she does, the lesser the impact on you.  I found an intresting article that could help aswell.

All in all, remember, time is a panacea. 

i have read the article thanks and I will try and focus on a solution based mindset

Hallo, how have the last 6 days been since you started having a solution based mindeset? any changes?

i get you , ive been working for one month now at this job and my boss is the same .The best thing thats working for me is ignoring that negative energy and focusing on giving your best and doing something right each day.Focus on your output not the reward and attention

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Work related stress  is a common experience that we come across at one point or another in life. More so when it is related to working with our superiors.

Maybe a good place to start is assess your motivation levels at this point, and also the common issues leading you to be at loggerheads with her.

It would also be advisable to learn and or stress management skills to deal with the situation, as well as manage the feeling of being up against a wall.

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