I am at a point in my life whereby I feel like I have lost track of so many things. I am not sure how to explain what it is am feeling. My personal life is doing so bad in terms of relationships. I feel overwhelmed by everything. Recently I lost someone I held very dear and still do. It's a guy I've known for let's say 3 years, but we got closer in January. We were doing very well as friends, and in March, we took our friendship/relationship to the next level, but nothing really defined because we agreed to take things slow and get to know each other better. Well a few weeks back, an ex who he broke up with last year, came back in his life and wanted for them to make things work between them... Which he told me after she approached him, and well, he chose to let me go and go back to her....Honestly, this left me feeling somehow empty and upto date I still don't understand why I can't even get my prayers answered cz I was really praying hard for this to work. And ever since it happened, I stopped praying, its been 3 weeks now...

On the other side, my family has been going through a rough path, healthwise, financially, emotionally, it's like the devil is hovering around us..and at some point, I even felt, and sometimes still do feel like God is just too silent on us and I don't get it.

For the last few months I've been experiencing episodes of mixed feelings, I don't know whether to call them emotional, or psychological. One day I'll be very fine, happy and calm, and the next thing I know, am sad, sulking, crying, feeling guilty, feeling hopeless, agitated, angry,I don't want to see or talk to anyone, I have no strength to do anything, I can't work, cook, eat absolutely nothing.


Wow! I feel you.... i have been going through what you have been going through as well. Some days are long and dark....if only we could meet up and share things about life and get through this dark phase together. I want to give you a very long hug and maybe talk about anything and everything. How can i get in touch? Life is short - i dont want to be in this phase for long. One can only be down for so long.


Feels like you guys are speaking about my life in the relationship phase... goodness...

Wanna give you a warm hug as well and say...

We shall get through this ... Strong together.

Pray for me (Jay)

I would like to pray for you as well.

Give me a response here


wooooow aki I've gone through this and sometime I have those feelings and pray things would be different for you, for us. May our prayers be answered, may we find relief, may we prosper. I wish we can hug. Praying for y'all


Am in shock there's a number of us going through this out here, at some point I felt so alone and faulty,like something is wrong with me that's why its happening to me,but am somehow comforted knowing there are people who understand in a way what am going through.

It's hard, really hard and am even getting anxiety attacks and panic attacks that I can't explain what's causing them. My heart sometimes beats so fast and I think and feel like it's going to stop cz of the fast and strong palpitations.

Am grateful for your responses and encouragement. Am struggling with praying right now, cz I want to believe that God still will make things work. I just could not understand how the one things that I was praying for so hard on my knees and in tears for days and weeks, is the one things that He chose to take from me..


Maybe he took it away coz it wasn't yours to start with, and I've been in a similar situation even waking up at 3am to pray for something, God will answer your prayer in due time and give you the right person for you. Just keep praying especially for yourself now. Praying for you. Hugs


Thank you.


Try to hold on to some little home even if just by a thread. What is yours to keep nobody and I mean NOBODY will take it away from you. Him going away means he wasnt ready for you so try to be happy you hadn't invest too much into the relationship coz things would have been worse. It's alright to moan and feel bad about it and everything else that happening but try to speak light in to your life even when it's dark. But more so take your time to heal and learn to put yourself first no matter what... make yourself whole again .

I'm a guy have I'm in an equally deep hole. I long to love : to have sb to keep hold and love and life with. But just the other year I was dumped after a 2 year relationship and she never told me anything. My prayer Is may God give us people who want to be kept and reciprocate each and every bit of us.

It's not all over. At God's time all things will be bright .

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