..... Its really draining me down i feel like committing a crime and get locked for good or just die

She left me when covid happened and i lost everything 😭

I consumed all my pension and savings and she quited on me i was mistreated, disrespected abused and finally shebwakked out with my son n daughter im left alone jobless no family no one to turn to lifecis bitter and it gets bitter every day depression is real i am a man without a meaning😭😭

My whole life my family my kids all gone im a hopeless persom lost everything nothing makes sense anymore

  Published  12th Sep 2021 at 9:13 pm

Hugs.You are not alone. Life can be so overwhelming that I feel constantly defeated and start thinking i would be better off not living because what is the point with all this burden. but then I think I'm all my kid has, having lost my parents i can't imagine him having no one so he gives me the desire to hold on push on and hope for better things to come