Hi am Eric 25 years old am having this problem that I lost my job and living with parent now and I think am uncomfortable..

My issue is that am lost in picking up the pieces

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Hi Eric...I've been where you're at...I'm 26 now, I lost my job,actually internship which I anticipated would amount to a job but the Pandemic struck so the situation changed and I was jobless, I went back to my mom's

Had a little savings but I dwelt so much on looking for a new job and being depressed when I got no feedback that I didn't realise how or when I depleted my savings yet I could have done so much with it!

What I'm trying to say is, don't dwell so much on the loss, if you have savings yourself, you could start a small business...or enroll for a short course that will provide skills that can earn you income from home and at the same time you won't be spending everyday with your parents

Also...visit Ajira website, you can sign up for online trainings and with that you can be able to take up online jobs...just keep busy, don't entertain idleness and depression at all costs!

Thank you for your advice.