I have an addiction to porn. Every time I find myself looking and searching content online. I have tried to quite severally and after some time I always find myself going back. How do I go about stopping it completely? I am happily married and it’s my dirty little secret that I work so hard to keep.

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I battle with this too. married too.

That is a stronghold, it requires openness, talk to your wife about it, pray and fast about it, repent and talk to someone in church leadership to pray for you. Trust me some things require God’s intervention to be destroyed completely

Try following @Amerix on Telegram and/or Twitter...several people keep reporting that they were able to overcome porn following his instructions. He posts much more details on Telegram and you can view his previous posts there (use the search 🔎 function after joining his 'Warriors' Telegram channel), as his Twitter is not as detailed and only covers the basics.