How do you gather energy to move on from a break up? From a relationship that was taking shape and was going places? What do you do when the blue ticks start growing? When she ignores you and just moves on with her life like you meant nothing to her. How do you come to terms with it days after days of just wishing you could sit down with her and just enjoy the simple things in life. Like a joke, a hearty laugh, a good home cooked meal.....all that just gone like do you move on guys? How?

  Published  17th Oct 2020 at 10:58 pm


  Published  18th Oct 2020 at 11:08 am

Hello! I hear you. You are grieving the loss having suffered from a breakup. The relationship was taking shape and going places and suddenly she's ignoring you and moving on with her life. That must be hard for you because it seems you were really invested in it. I wonder how you feel about it all. What have you been experiencing? How have you been coping?

Because this is a loss you may experience feelings of denial (this is not happening), anger (why is this happening), bargaining (if I do something, this will not happen), depression (sadness) and acceptance (I'm at peace with it.) From your writing, I can detect some anger and sadness. It's okay to experience these feelings as this was something very personal to you. The pain that you are experiencing is very real so try not to turn away from it but face it and actively deal with it by accepting whatever you may be feeling.

Everyone grieves in their own personal way and the grief may trigger certain unexpected emotions. I therefore encourage you to try and seek support from those close to you and also take care of yourself physically by eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Joining a gym, jogging and hiking are healthy ways to try and clear your mind. You can also try journaling. Try not to dwell so much in the past. It may be hard but this can cause you to get stuck. The most important thing is to finally accept what happened and then move on. She may not have been the right person for you and though you did your best, recognize you can be happy again with a woman who won't break your heart.

So take your time and grieve, but when it's over, emerge on the other side a better person than you were before. She may have managed to bend you, but let her not get to break you. You deserve better!