Im a eighteen  year old just fresh from high school. I struggled with the addiction of watching explicit content(porn and other wierd stuff that i consider better keeping to myself) on the internet and have just recently started recovering from it though not fully.I live a life of constant fear of a separation of my parents whiich looks bound to happen since for the past few years they have not been at peace with each other.This has resulted to me living a life of depression since most of the friends i completed high school with seem to be having the best life out there while i stay locked up in the house from morning till evening.I have always wanted to make friends who genuinely understand me but the problem is I suck at socializing with peapole and have been known to be an introvert to the blood.Sometimes i just get the urge of running away from home so i can start a new life but i know very well that is impossible 

I feel like im living through hell at the moment.Someone PLEASE help me find a solution that can turn my life around


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Hi. Sorry that you are going through this. I think the addiction to porn is just a way to escape from the reality you live in. Its way of you blocking out all that you are going through at home, a from of escape. I can only imagine the fear you are living in not knowing what will become of your parents marriage. The truth is, that is their life to live. Will you be affected by the outcome of their decisions, yes. Will it hurt, yes. But you also have your life to live. Whichever parent you are comfortable addressing, or if it is both of them seat them down and have a candid conversation on how their life is negatively impacting yours. Remember to take it a day at a time. All the best.

Hi, am an introvert too,i stay indoors.I dont have friends. I found myself watching porn all the time to a point where i realized i was getting addicted.So i started by blockin all   the site and disabling the app.I try as much as i can to stay offline...itsreally hard but when you put your mind to it ,it works. Now its been a whole month porn free. Also find some other things to occupy your mind when you feel like watching porn...i watch tv,do some excersing using workout apps,anything that you love doing(indoor activities).I hope this helps.?