I have not been a good person especially with integrity . I am making the decision to always do the right thing and work on being ethical. It’s a tough one considering I grew up poor but I believe I will fight the urge to be unethical. Case in point is fighting the desire to continue being a kleptomaniac. I just have the urge to steal things and I know this is influenced by the fact that I grew up poor as we always lacked. Now I find myself fighting the urge to pick other peoples things. I no longer want to be an individual who is not ethical or one who lacks integrity. I am choosing change.

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Btw I am able to afford things now as I am no longer poor. So just need to work on this and stop living in Shame. I want to break this generational behavior of wanting to accumulate more stuff than I need and picking things from people.

This level of introspection is commendable. Good job. Keep at it! Take time to reflect upon the journey you've made so far.