I met this girl a while back. We started off as friends but I made it clear I was looking for a long term relationship (marriage). She was also looking to settle too so we've been seeing each other since then.

Problem is that she doesn't love me back as I do. I feel like I do most of the initiation. She has admitted that it hasn't come naturally for her. I sometimes can't help but wonder 🤔......should I still keep pushing or just break away coz frankly it's getting tiring 😒

I mean, she too wants to get married someday but when I want us to discuss about our relationship and love she isn't ready to put in the work. She keeps telling me it will happen naturally but we are now getting to our 2nd year and she isn't willing to commit.

Sigh.....what do I do?

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Am sorry your relationship isn't going good but if you have tried to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk about it she's not invested in it the way I see it there's either someone else or she lost interest along the way i would say you should leave before it gets to the point where it'll hurt So bad when she moves on to the next guy

sorry about that.I really wanna apprecaite that you are vocal about your intentions and feelings and really communicate ,not alot of men know how too.I sincerely feel maybe she might be eyeing someone else as much as she says she wants it to be natural-it seems she doesnt have that connection with you yet.The best thing is to tell her you feel the relationship is becoming one-sided-you need to dissolve the relationships to avoid wasting each others time.